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Articles from 2017

***New New New*** Ikeda Detail Dan Exam Programs *** New New New***


The latest 1st to 4th Dan Aikido examination notes of the Masatomi Ikeda systematic are now available for download courtesy of our Swiss Aikido friend Eric Graf Sensei from Aikidoi Dojo de Neuchâtel

The exam programs contain what will be asked of students at each of the different levels. The Ikeda syllabus content is that which is being taught by Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan, who inherited the methodology as student and Uke to Ikeda Shihan for over 20 years.

Quaranta Sensei continues to teach and spread this Aikido with great passion and commitment, the proof of which is in the number of international seminars he gives throughout the calendar year in addition to teaching dojo classes in Basel and Prague.

[Click here for downloads section...]

One day Technical Committee and Kyu Gradings in Sligo Aikido Dojo

On Saturday 9th of December Sligo Aikido Dojo hosted a one day Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Course given by Joe McHugh, Trevor Pigott and Eamon Coyne. Kyu grades were also conducted, a massive well done to the the following students successfully passed their exams......

5th Kyu: 五級
Aaron Gallagher (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Ronan Haughey (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Fergus McVeigh (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Shane McHugh (Athboy Aikido Dojo)

You all done a great job, keep up the great work.

Great seminar with Michele Quaranta Shihan in Athboy

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of October Athboy Aikido Club played host to a seminar with Michele Quaranta 6th Dan Shihan.

The course was attended from Aikidoka from around the country and abroad and was a great success.

Thanks firstly to Michele for great teaching and company, thanks to all of the Athboy crew for the hosting another well ogranised and enjoyable course.

Thanks also to Mark in Saddlers well for putting out a nice spread for the crew after hard training.

Until the next time, thanks.


Pics from the Joe McHugh and Jean Pasley classes in Wicklow

On Wednesday 15th of November Aikido classes were given by Jean Pasley Sensei and host Joe McHugh Sensei in the Bray Dojo, the classes were thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

[Pics from the classes...]

Impromptu visit by Eamon Sensei to Aikido Ikeda Dojo Prague

Prague Dojo visit Eamon Coyne

During a work trip to Prague, Sligo Aikido Dojo head instructor Eamon Coyne Sensei managed to squeeze some time to attend the evening class on Thursday 5th of October. Eamon was warmly welcomed by Miroslav Šmíd Sensei who was teaching class that evening and the students in attendance.

Eamon also noticed whilst on the mats a stained glass Aikido kanji hanging in the dojo which was made specially by a friend of his wife.

The stained glass mirror was given to Michele Quaranta as a gift at a course back home in Sligo over 12 years ago.

Thanks to Miroslav and all the gang at he Aikido Ikeda Dojo Prague students for a thoroughly enjoyable class in Prague.

Until the next time ;-)

Great time had at seminar given by Joe McHugh Sensei in Cambridge

On 8th, 9th and 10th September 2017 Joe McHugh Sensei of Ikeda Dojo Wicklow taught a seminar in Cambridge Aiki Dojo hosted by local instructor Britta and Francis. Ikeda Dojo Wicklow students Paul Clarke, Liam Murphy and Robert Timmons accompanied Joe and trained with the Cambridge Aiki Dojo students. A great time was had by all at the seminar well done Joe, Britta and all the gang ;-)

Trevor, Declan, Tony and Pj have a great time at the Aikido and the Sea course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of August Aikikai Ireland group consisting of Trevor Pigott, Declan Bray, Tony McHugh and Pj Kirke made the trip back to Lauria for an Aikido course titled Aikido e Mare (Aikido and the Sea) hosted by Fiordineve Cozzi 6th Dan Aikikai D;Italia, whereby the gang got the chance to practice Aikido and also Misogi. The Aikido class consisted of Aikijo, Aikiken and Tanto-dori. A day was dedicated to the expereince of Misogi in an extraordinary natural scenery of Orsomarso, and the rest of the spare time in the beautiful beaches Calabre and Lucane. A great time was had by all of the gang and friendships deepened even further. Till the next time, ciao ;-)

More pics can be found by visiting Fiordineve's website here www.AikidoWeb.it

Sligo Aikido Dojo host private class for Sensei Neal Dunnigan from Oklahoma

Sligo Aikido Dojo is on a couple of week summer break but on Saturday 12th August 2017 we were delighted to organise a small private class for visitor Neal Dunnigan Sensei, Head Instructor at Wheatbelt Aikido, Oklahoma (http://www.wheatbeltaikido.com/). Thanks to Declan Bray IT Sligo Aikido Club for giving us the space to train. Thanks to David Kerins, Cat Dobson and Dermot Gilmartin for the great help on the day.
We presented Neal with a new number plate for the car back home and Neal presented myself with one of the Martial Arts books he authored and some jewellery his son had made for the class participants.
Neal. enjoy the rest of your trip in Ireland, see you next time ;-)

Ikeda Dojo Dublin have class with visting Aikidoka from Switzerland

In early July Ikeda Dojo Dublin and it's instructors Norbert Toth and Anthony Brennan hosted visiting Aikidoka from the Swiss Aikido Group Aikido Sursee (www.aikido-sursee.ch) namely Markus Steinmann, Manuela Steinmann, Robin Gubler and Rebecca Marbach. Class was directed by Norbert Toth Sensei and was thoroughly enjoyed by the group. Well done to all and see you guys on the tatami in the future.

Eamon Coyne Sensei visits Greg O'Connor Sensei
in his dojo in East Hanover, New Jersey July 2017

On a recent trip to the United States Sligo Aikido Dojo instructor Eamon Coyne Sensei had the good fortune to visit Greg O'Connor Sensei founder and Chief Instructor of the Aikido Centers dojos (www.aikidocenters.com)at the HQ dojo in East Hanover. Eamon was met by Ed O'Connor (staff instructor at Aikido Centers) and brought to the beautiful dojo in East Hanover.

It was great to train with Greg in his dojo and strengthen the friendship even further having met Greg in Japan at the IAF congress last September and having Greg come and teach at the Aikikai Ireland summer camp accompanied by Ed, Ed was also at the previous summer camp in 2016. In the past Michele Sensei and Joe Sensei have taught at the East Hanover Dojo at the International Friendship seminar in 2015. Sincere thanks for the warm welcome and here's to more good times in the future ;-)

Teens and Juniors success at Sligo Aikido Dojo

Well done to the kids from both the juniors and teen classes below that passed their tests and progressed to the next stage in their Aikido practice. You done yourselves and dojo proud. Keep up the great work.

Kids grading success at Ikeda Dojo Wicklow

Well done to the kids at Ikeda Dojo Wicklow on the recent promotions, you all done fantasic. Pictured are the children with their teachers Joe McHugh and Lizzy McHugh ;-).

Grading success at one day course with McHugh and Pigott Sensei

At the recent one day course and kyu exams given by Joe McHugh Sensei and Trevor Pigott Sensei in Ikeda Dojo Wicklow on Saturday 24th of June the following students were successful in testing

6th Kyu: 六級
Tony Dunphy (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Gavin Earls (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Sergy Baranov (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)

5th Kyu: 五級
Ryszard Matwiejczuk (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Shane McHugh (Athboy Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Albert Gore (Athboy Aikido Dojo)

Well done to all on the day, you done yourselves and dojos and Aikikai Ireland proud. Click the link below for course pics.

[Pics from the day...]

Pictures from yet another brilliant Summer camp with Michele Quaranta
Shihan in the Bluestack

What a fantastic summer camp with Michele Quaranta Shihan in the Bluestack Centre. We had also the privilege of a class with Greg O'Connor Sensei 6th Dan at thc course. We also had Greg's student Ed O'Connor visit us from New Jersey, we had Christophe Flocke Sensei 6th Dan in attendance and his lovely wife Francois from Switzerland. We again had the pleasure of having Valarie McGettigan and Brian Keaney from Boston. Last but by no means least we had George Hemmings Sensei 5th Dan from Cambridge. It had a truly international flavour to it in addition to all of the students from Aikikai Ireland.

Thanks again for a truly memorable summer camp. Thanks to Carlene Gildea for capturing the moments so well as always in the snaps, follow the link below to see them.

[Course pics...]

Thoroughly enjoyable exchange class bewteen Joe McHugh and Jean Pasley Sensei of Rathmines Aikikai

On Thursday 15th of June 2017 Joe McHugh Sensei 5th Dan of Ikeda Dojo Wicklow and Jean Pasley Sensei 5th Dan of Rathmines Aikikai gave a class in Jean's dojo in Rathmines.

The colloboration between these two Sensei gives the students a chance to see techniques and approach from different angles and deepen their understanding of their practice.

A great time was had by all in attendance.

Until the next time Kanpai ;-)

Pictures from the recent May course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei and Trevor Pigott Sensei up

[Click here for some more pics from the course...]

A huge well done to the following students that passed their kyu exams

Well Done Aikido

6th Kyu: 六級
Alicja Bilinska (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Ronan Haughey (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Angelika Eiduliene (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Fergus McVeigh (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Adam Zaton (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Annmarie O'Connor (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Morgane Debout (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Chris Slattery (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Goa Ting (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Rebecca Ting (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)

5th Kyu: 五級
Ciaran Magee (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Billy Brophy (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Eoin Brady (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)

4th Kyu: 四級
Cat Dobson (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

2nd Kyu: 二級
David Kerins (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Niall Kelly (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Carlene Gildea (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

You done yourselves, intructors and dojo's proud.;-)

Courses pics from the Technical Committee Seminar in Athboy now up

Ai Tech Committee April 2017

Pictures from the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee and Kyu exams course held in Athboy on Saturday 22nd of April now uploaded. Click link below for the pics, taken by Pj Kirke on Carlene Gildea's camera. Well done to all.

[Course pics....]

Joe McHugh Sensei to give course in Cambridge Aiki Dojo
on 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017

Joe McHugh Sensei of Ikeda Dojo Wicklow has been asked to go and teach a seminar in Cambridge Aiki Dojo by local instructor Britta and Francis (whom recently travelled to Sligo for a course with Michele).

The course will run on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September and the details are as follows.
Friday: 19:30 to 21:30
Saturday: 10:30 to 15:30
Sunday: 10:00 to 11:00

Cost: Fri=£10 Sat=£20 Sun=£10. Entire Course = £30

Location:Location: Cambridge University Sports Centre,
Phillipa Fawcett Drive (off Charles Babbage Rd)
Cambridge CB3 0AS

Contact: +44-7800 784 777
+44-1223-315109 (Britta)

[Course Poster etc click here....]

Trevor, Tony and Will travel to Michele Sensei course in Cambridge

Aikikai Ireland had a contingent in attendance at the Michele Quaranta Shihan course in Cambride, England Trevor Pigott, Tony McHugh and Will Baker crossed the water to train with Michele and the English group.. The course was hosted by Cambridge and St.Ives Aikido Dojos. Francis Rowland who was in attendance at the course in Sligo with Michele looked after the lads well. A great time was had by all. Well done all ;-)

Well done to the IT Sligo Dojo students the passed kyu exams

Well done to all of the successful IT Sligo Dojo students that passed their 6th Kyu exams recently in Sligo Aikido Dojo. Pictured are the students with their Sensei Declan Bray. Keep up the great work folks.

Pics from the fantastic course with Michele Sensei in Sligo

Thanks to Carlene Gildea for the pictures taken at the Michele Quaranta Sensei course in Sligo. Carlene has a great eye for the camera.

[Michele Course Sligo March 2017 pictures...]

New launch of Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin

Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin has changed it's name to Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin. Classes will be given by Norbert Toth Sensei 2nd Dan Aikikai and Anthony Brennan Sensei 1st Dan Aikikai. Classes are as follows...

Saturday 10am to 12pm Adults (Anthony Brennan Sensei)
Sunday 10am to 11.30am Kids (Nobert Toth Sensei)
Sunday 11.30am to 1.00pm Adults (Nobert Toth Sensei)

Location is 111 Scout Den Hall, Springfield, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

The very best of luck to Norbert and Anthony ;-)

[Click here for Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin page...]

Great days training enjoyed by students at the
Joe McHugh Sensei and Ray Butcher Sensei One Day seminar

A great days training was enjoyed by all in attendance at the recent course between Joe McHugh Sensei and Ray Burcher Sensei in Henshin Aikido Dojo.
Many thanks to Ray, Maeve and Henshin Dojo for hosting the course


Aikikai Ireland Reidential Summer Camp with Michele Quaranta Shihan 6th Dan 2nd to 5th of June 2017

Course registration for the Residential summer camp with Michele Quaranta Shihan 6th Dan running from 2nd through to 5th of June 2017 is now open. The course details and the registration online form link are all on the poster, which you can download by clinking the link below. Once you fill in the form give the course fee to your dojo instructor in advance of the course which will help save time on the morning of the course at resgitration.The course promises to be a great one as was the case in previous years, great training, great craíc, great food and great music. What more could you ask for Please book early to avoid dissapointment. Beds are given on a first come first served basis...See you there folks ;-} ......
11.00 - 12.00: Registration and room/bed allocation
12.30 - 14.00 Aikido
17.30 - 19.00: Aikido
Saturday and Sunday:
08.00 - 09.00: Aikiken/Aikijo
10.30 - 12.30 Aikido
16.30 - 18.30 Aikido
08.00 - 9.00 Aikiken/Aikijo
10.30 - 12.30 Aikido

Course Fee:
Aikido Training and Accomodation only
€80 normal or €70 student/unwaged.

Please Note: Full attendance only, Please rcomplete online booking form here https://goo.gl/forms/UTbSQ4EsurmleQVD2 filling form is binding. After completing form return course fee to your dojo instructor in advance of the course
Book early to avoid disappointment course Only 28 Beds available. Beds will be allocated on a first
come first served basis. After 29th place people can sleep on tatami with sleeping bag.

[Course details, poster etc...]

Aikikai Ireland's Joe McHugh Sensei promoted to 5th Dan

The Kagamibiraki ceremony 2017 just took place at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, AIkido World Headquarters, Tokyo.A huge congratulations to Aikikai Ireland's Joe Mchugh Sensei who has been promoted to 5th Dan, well done from all at Aikikai Ireland Joe.

The full list of promotions are available here: http://www.aikikai.or.jp/pdf/suisen/h29-0.pdf

Congratulations to all of the other people around the world who were promoted!!!

A mention also to our aikido frend in Switzerland Erif Graf whom has also been promoted to 5th Dan.