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Articles from 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Wishing everyone in Aikikai Ireland, all our Aikido friends and all of the Aikikai Ireland website visitors a Happy Christmas and Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

The Aikikai Ireland calendar for 2014 is looking good with plenty of Aikido action. There is plenty of domestic courses already lined up and as always the chance to go abroad and train with our friends overseas.

There has been a huge effort put in both on and off the mats to develop our organisation so a huge thanks to all who put the shoulder to the wheel, keep up the great work folks, Look foward to seeing you all in the New Year folks and thanks to all involved who made 2013 such a memorable one for all at Aikikai Ireland!!!


A huge well done to all of the succesful grading candidates at the recent Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee seminar in Sligo

On Saturday the 7th of December Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee members Joe McHugh 4th Dan, Eamon Coyne 4th Dan and Trevor Pigott 4th Dan gave a one day seminar in Sligo. At the course eligible students had the oppurtunity to grade. Course picture can be found by clicking here [Course pics...].

A huge well done to the following Aikidoka on their new promotions....

6th Kyu:
Yvette Edwards (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Oísin Anderson (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Jordan Forde (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

5th Kyu:
Glen Blaney (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
James Harkin (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Robert Timmons (Ikeda Aikido Dojo Wicklow)

4th Kyu:
John Sheridan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Piotr Cichon (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

3rd Kyu:
Sylvain Marinier (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Declan Reilly (Athboy Aikido Club)
Shaun Blaney (Athboy Aikido Club)
Gary Byrne (Athboy Aikido Club)

1st Kyu:
Sarah Conlon (Sligo Aikido Club)

Keep up the good work folks.. ;-)

Course pics from the recent course in Wicklow with Michele Sensei !!!

Pictures now up from the recent Aikikai Ireland Autumn Seminar with Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan which was hosted by Ikeda Dojo Wicklow..

The pictures were taken by Declan Bray and his able assistant Dean Clancy ;-).

Thanks guys for the pictures and thanks again to Michele Sensei for another great course.

Click below for pics.

[Course pics...]

Excellent video of the Sligo course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei
in June 2013


Above is another of the excellent videos that Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei creates from footage taken at the time of the course. The course in the video above was Fiordineve Sensei's visit to Sligo back in June of this year. In addition to the Aikido seminar action from the adults and childrens class there is also plenty of footage of the various excursions in Sligo and of course Dublin where Fiordineve and Rosella were hosted by Fiona Kelty. Thanks for taking the time to make the video Fiordineve and gave us the chance to remember some of the great moments we shared. Looking forward to June 2014 in Sligo already... ;-)

Autumn Seminar in Wicklow with Aikikai Ireland
Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta 6th Dan another great success!!!

Michele Group Shot Wicklow Sensei 2013

On October 18th, 19th and 20th Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan gave a fantastic seminar in Wicklow. The course had a great atmosphere, where once again Michele Sensei's way of teaching captivating all on the mats. Michele Sensei a big thank you once again from all that had the pleasure of training with you the weekend. We look forward to seeing you the next time already ;-).....Course pics to follow soon!!!!.

Also a special mention to Ikeda Dojo Wicklows Lizzy McHugh on a successful 2nd kyu grading ;-)

New video of the course from last December
with Michele Quaranta Sensei and Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei


An excellent video with footage of the Aikido colloboration between Michele Quaranta Sensei and Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei held in Lauria, Italy in December of last year. An Aikikai Ireland delegate consisting of Trevor Pigott (Athboy), Tony McHugh (Cavan), Will Baker (Athboy) and Gary Byrne (Athboy) attended the course and had a great time as you can see from the video. For those that can attend, Michele and Fiordineve will have another course together this time in Padova, Italy on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October 2013.

Not forgetting the upcoming Aikikai Ireland course with Michele Quaranta Sensei in Wicklow on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October, more details to follow shortly...

Picture of Aikikai Ireland members at the recent
Slovakian Summer Camp with Michele Quaranta Sensei

Aikikai Ireland Members at the Slovakian Summer Camp 2013
A lovely picture of Aikikai Ireland members (from left to right) Thomas Waldron (Sligo Aikido Dojo), Norbert Toth Sensei (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin), Michele Quaranta Sensei (Aikikai Ireland technical Adviser). Garry Holmes (Sligo Aikdo Dojo) and Sarah Conlon (Sligo Aikido Dojo) at the recent summer camp in Trnava, Slovakia,

By all accounts the gang had a great time training over 5 hours per day with Michele Sensei. Well done folks, great stuff!!!!.

IT Sligo Aikido club classes to recommence on 25th of September

IT Sligo Poster 2013

Aikido classes in the Institute of Technology Sligo Aikido club will recommence on Wednesday 25th of September under the instruction of Declan Bray Sensei 3rd Dan.

Classes are free for students and staff of the Institute and take place on Wednesday's from 6.00pm to 8.00pm in the Knocknarea Arena.

For futher information you can contact Declan via Mail: bray.declan@itsligo.ie or
Telephone: +353860554360.

To download the poster in the pciture visit the IT Sligo Aikido dojo homepage by clicking the link below.

[IT Sligo Aikido Dojo homepage...]

Ikeda Dojo Wicklow instructor Joe McHugh just back
from co-teaching at the 8th Summer Camp in Neuchatel

Joe Neuchatel
The 8th summer camp in the Aikido Dojo in Neuchátel took place from Saturday 27th of July through to Friday the 2nd of August.

Teaching at the course along with Aikikai Ireland instructor Joe McHugh Sensei were host dojo instructor Eric Graf 4th Dan and also Sander Geloven 3rd Dan of Aikido Dojo in Utrecht.The course consisted of Aikido, Aikiken, Aikijo, Hojo, Genkikai and meditation with plenty of material covered during the course of the week long camp.

The course was a great success and Joe throughly enjoyed instructing at it.

Pictures from course in Sligo with the
newly promoted Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan!!!

A massive congratulations from all his Aikikai Ireland friends to Fiordineve Cozzi on his promotion to 6th Dan by Tada Sensei on 27th July 2013.

Click on links here for pictures from the Sligo [Adults Class pics..] , [Socialising pics..] and also [Kids Class pics..]

Aikikai Ireland turns the big 4!!!

Aikikai Ireland 4 yearsIt happened again, we have been that busy we never got chance to mark the 4th anniversary of Aikikai Ireland. It's 4 years since the start of the group on the 2nd June 2009, the 4 years seem to have gone by in a blink of an eye.

Over the past 12 months (2nd June 2012 to 2nd June 2013) there has been a lot of hard work done by the group. We have had 3 seminars with our Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan, onein Wicklow (Oct 2012), one in Sligo (Feb 2013) and the very first Aikikai Ireland residential summer camp in Donegal (June 2013) which proved to be a very memorable one for all involved. Thanks to Michele Sensei for it has to be said as always fantastic seminars with a seemingly infinite amount of technical material being passed on.

We had the promotion of Aikikai Ireland students from the various dojos.........

[Click here to read more....]

The recent course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei gets
great coverage in both of the Northwests biggest newspapers!!!

Sligo Weekender Article June 2013The recent Aikikai Ireland course hosted by Sligo Aikido Club with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei has gotten great coverage in 2 of the Northwest of Irelands biggest newspapers i.e. The Sligo Weekender (sligoweekender.ie) and The Sligo Champion (sligochampion.ie).

Thanks to both Liam Maloney sports editor of the Sligo Weekender and Leo Grey sports editor of the Sligo Champion for the greatly appreciated coverage. Everyone involved at the club were delighted with both articles.To view the articles please click on the link below.

[Click here for articles full size]

As promised pictures courtesy © Warren Forde Photography
from the recent Charity Cross Style seminar in Sligo

As promised the pictures from the recent cross style chairty seminar between Sligo Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and Higashi Karate clubs. Thanks to a good friend © Warren Forde Photography for tons of great pics.

[Click here for pictures...]

Ikeda Dojo Wicklow Joe and Lizzy attend summer camp
in Horni Branna, Czech Republic with Michele Quaranta Sensei

Pictured above are Joe Mc Hugh and his wife Lizzy at the recent summer camp in Horni Branna in the Czech Republic with Michele Quaranta Sensei. A great weeks training was enjoyed by Joe and Lizzy.

Thoroughly enjoyable seminar in Aikido Ikeda Dojo in Wicklow

Wicklow June 2013

A great days training was had in the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Wicklow on June 22nd. The course was taught by the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee members Joe McHugh Sensei, Eamon Coyne Sensei and Trevor Pigott Sensei. At the course there was also Kyu exams, a huge well done to the following successful examinees

6th Kyu:
Robert Timmons (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Samuel McKenna (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Rafal Turczyniak (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Ervine (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Mikolaj Kostic (Phoenix Dojo)

5th Kyu:
John Sheridan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Jason Sheridan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Piotr Cichon (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
John Devine (Athboy Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu:
Gabrielle Hosey (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Gary Byrne (Athboy Aikido Dojo)

2nd Kyu:
Anthony Brennan (Sligo Aikido Dojo/Phoenix Dojo)

Kyu Exams Passed June 2013

Best Aikikai Ireland Aikido Seminar yet!!!

Michele June 2013 Summer Camp

Over the course of the June Bank holiday weekend Aikikai Ireland had a residential Aikido camp with Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan. The course was held over 4 days in the Bluestack Centre in the scenic Bluestack mountains in Donegal. The course was a great success with everyone attending remarking that they enjoyed every second of it, eating, sleeping and training in the one area gives a different feeling to the seminar. Michele Sensei was delighted with the seminar and complimented all particpating on the special atmosphere that was created over the weekend. Thanks to all who attended the course, special mention to our chefs Will and Valli, no easy task cooking for 32+ people, Piotr, Rafeal and Lukas for helping move the mats from Sligo, Tony for the extra mats from his dojo in Cavan, Declan for doing the registration, Timothy for the video camera work, Joe for bringing Michele Sensei up to the course along with Ralph and Charlotte and also the Bluestack Centre staff for having the place immaculately clean and at hand whenever needed. Thanks to all who helped out at the course and put the shoulder to the wheel when needed. Looking forward to the next course already. Check out pictures from the course here courtesy of Declan Bray.

[Course pics...]

Second Cross style seminar in aid of Foróige a great day had!!!

The second cross style charity seminar of the Sligo Jiu Jitsu/Karate/Aikido Martial Artists was held on Sunday the 9th of June in the Crib, Rockwood Parade Sligo.

The seminar was in aid of Foróige Sligo. Well done to all of the Jiu Jitsu/Karate gang on nominating a very worthwhile organisation to donate too.

The days training was conducted in very hot conditions but it didn't stop the partcipiants in training hard. The first session was taken by Sligo Aikido Dojo instructor Eamon Coyne, the second session was taken by Sligo Bjj instructor Morgan Smyth. Everyone at the course enjoyed the training and we at Sligo Aikido dojo would like to thank Morgan for a great class and also Micky Downs, Ryan Smyth, Francie Mahon and the rest of the gang for the great training and also the great craic socialising. Pictures coming soon courtesy of Warren Forde photography. Watch this space!!!

Course in Heron Dojo, a last minute change but a good time had by all!!

Heron Dojo course
Pictured above are the group for the course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei in Heron Dojo last weekend, unfortunately due to health reasons Cozzi Sensei was unable to take the course, much to his regret. At a last minute change Eamon Coyne Sensei, Trevor Pigott Sensei and Tony McHugh Sensei were only to happy to step into the breach and take the seminar at Fiordineve and Fiona's request. It's fair to say, although sad at the loss of Cozzi Sensei everyone in attendance, all of the Italian and Irish Aikidoka in attendance had a great weekend. A big thank you to Fiona and all of the gang for a great weekend. A speedy recovery to Cozzi Sensei we look forward to seeing you in Sligo in June!!.

Ballyconnell Aikido Dojo in Cavan open for business!!!

Cavan Aikido Club OpeningBallyconnell Aikido Club under the instruction of Tony McHugh 3rd Dan Aikikai had a triumphant opening night on Wednesday the 1st of May. The class was well attended with some new faces and some old ones which was great to see.

People from both the Athboy and Sligo dojo travelled to attend the class and support Tony on his opening night. Eamon Coyne 4th Dan Sligo and Trevor Pigott 4th Dan Athboy performed a demonstration each for the people in attendance which as very well received, Everyone at Aikikai Ireland would like to wish Tony Sensei and all of the Ballyconnell dojo Aikidoka the very best of luck in the future.

Sligo Aikido Club Table Quiz Night another great success!!!

On Wednesday the 8th of May at 9pm the Harp Tavern in Quay Street, Sligo played host to a table quiz night to raise funds for mats for Sligo Aikido Club.The night was a great success with €1120 being raised on the night.

We would like to thank the following donors for helping make the quiz night a success....

Ej Menswear. Catus Jam and Ruby Lane, Marian Harkin MEP, Alfies Barber, DMW Vehicle Repair, Armin Lowe, Tir Na Nog, Jack Jones, Pet Stop in Carraroe Retail Park, Hopes and Dreams Creche, Sligo Rovers FC, Osta Cafe, Swagman, Advantage Communications, The 4 Lanterns, Eamonn McGauran and Son Electrical Limited and the Irish House bar.

The following people Clive Foley,Declan Bray, Paul Burns, David Kelly, Gabrielle Hosey, Valli Schafer, Karen Webster,Glen Blaney, Liam Conway, Joe Davey, Edward Harte, Kevin Finn, Eamonn and Maria McGauran, Sarah Conlon and Thomas Waldron, Paul Cunningham, James Harkin, Loretta Coyne and Edel Henry. Not forgetting the compere Sean and his able marking assistant Eamonn Thompson and the staff of the Harp Tavern . And last but not least all of the people from the club that brought teams to the quiz. Well done to all, one word Synergy ;-)

Well done to IT Sligo Students on gradings!!!

IT Sligo Aikido Club Grading
A big well done to the Institute of Technology Sligo Dojo members that successfully passed their gradings on Wednesday 24th of April. The students who passed were the following The students from the.
5th kyu Darragh Cattigan 6th kyu Tomas Mc Mahan,Fawwaz Al Shammari,Alex Cammertaat,Kevin O Connor,Eanna O Dowd,Francesca Brandola,Sheu Yan Siow,Giuila Barigelli. Well done to Declan Bray Sensei the fruits of his labour was apparent in how well the students performed in the exams. Keep up the good work.

Sligo Aikido dojo students outdoor training in preparation for gradings!

Doorly Park Outdoor TrainingPictured avove are some of the Sligo Aikido Dojo students getting some early outdoor training done on Saturday mornings in preparation for the Aikikai Ireland gradings in Wicklow on June 22nd, keep up the good work!!

Video of Aikikai Ireland trip to Lauria this time last year!!

Below is a video nicely put together by Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei of the Aikikai Ireland visit to Lauria one year ago. It was a tour de force of Aikido, food and wine and great craic. Watch out for a special move by Declan Bray it took him many years to master this, an Olympic gymnast would have been proud!!!!


Examination programs now available to download

Ikeda SyllabusThe exam programs from 6th Kyu up to 4th Dan as constructed by Shihan Masatomi Ikeda 7th Dan are now available for download.

The exam programs contain what will be asked of students at each of the different levels. The Ikeda syllabus content is that which is being taught by Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan, who inherited the methodology as student and Uke to Ikeda Shihan for over 20 years.

Quaranta Sensei continues to teach and spread this Aikido with great passion and commitment, the proof of which is in the number of international seminars he gives throughout the calendar year in addition to teaching dojo classes in Basel and Prague.

[Click here for downloads section...]

Presentation of Warrior piece by Sligo Aikido dojo students
to Eamon Coyne Sensei to mark 4th Dan achievement

Eamon Warrior Piece

At class recently a presentation was made by Eamon McGauran on behalf of the Sligo Aikido Dojo gang to Eamon Coyne Sensei to mark the achievement of progressing to 4th Dan. The present was a specially commissioned Warrior piece by renowned Sligo wood carver Michael Quirke. "Thank you very much for the present guys, it ,means a lot"...Eamon.

It's always hard to get everyone in the club on the mats at the one time, but we had to take a pic at some point sorry guys....
Missing from pic:Paul Cunningham, Paul Burns, Ivan Sullivan, Tony Drumm, Vincent Reynolds, James Harkin, Valli Schafer, Wayne Wallace, Garry Holmes, Carlene Gildea, Glen Blaney, Maria McGuaran, Eamonn Ryan, Karen Webster, Sylvain Marinier.

Michele Quaranta Sensei course in Sligo as enjoyabe as ever

Course pics now up!!!

A huge thank you to Michele Quaranta Sensei for a wonderful course in Sligo. Michele Sensei's depth of technical knowledge combined with such a warm and humble personality are always a joy to behold.

At the course students had the chance to train Aikido, Aikiken and Aikijo with tons of material demonstrated by Michele Sensei.

The course was well attended by all of the Aikikai Ireland dojos and all our other Aikido buddies from around the country. Michele Sensei we are looking forward to the next course in May already.


[Click here for Course pics...]

Extra kids class for Sligo Aikido Dojo!!!

Due to the increased numbers of the Sligo Aikido Dojo childrens class, the class has been divided into two groups. The classes remain on the same night i.e Thursdays but will now occur as follows...

6.30pm - 7.30pm 5 years to 9 years
7.30pm - 8.30pm 10 years to 14 years

Thanks to all the kids and parents for their continued support!!!! Full dojo details (click here...)


Extra class now on for Ikeda Dojo Wicklow!!!

Ikeda Dojo WicklowA new training location and class has now started with the expansion of the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Wicklow under the guidance of Joe McHugh Sensei. The training takes place in St. Laurence O'Toole National School, Roundwood and have commenced from the 7th February at 19.30. Newcomers are always welcome. More details on Aikikai Ireland page (click here...) and dojo page (click here...)

Aikikai Ireland group back from trip to Lauria of seminar by
Michele Quaranta Sensei and Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei

Lauria Dec 2012

Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei had extended an invitation to Michele Quaranta Sensei to give a seminar in his dojo Lauria. The first weekend of December of last year was the agreed date. Trevor Pigott, Tony McHugh, Will Baker and Gary Byrne made the trip to attend the course, which was the first given by Michele Sensei in the area. By all acounts the course was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance fantastic Aikido, venue, food, wine and company.Pictured above from left to right are Will, Tony, Fiordineve, Michele, Rosella, Trevor and Gary. More pictures from the course can be found by clicking here... [Course pics...]