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Articles from 2015

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 from all at Aikikai Ireland

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Aikikai Ireland members and all of our Aikido friends both in Ireland and abroad. I hope you all enjoy the holiday.Thanks for your continued support and making 2015 such a memorable one. Here's looking forward to 2016!!!!!

Pictures from the seminar with Michele Shihan
in Phoenix Dojo Dublin now up

Pictures from the excellent with Michele Quaranta Shihan in Phoenix Dojo Dublin now up. Thanks to Wojciech Kordyl and Sarah Conlon for the shots....

[Course pictures....]

Anthony Brennan newly promoted Shodan gets
interviewed by Sligo Champion Sports Editor Emma Gallagher

Newly promoted Shodan Anthony Brennan was interviewed by the Sligo Champion newspaper sports editor Emma Gallagher .Emma asked Anthony about the test and his training in Aikido in general.

The article is avialable vie the link below and also a scanned version of the article is availabl to download. Thanks to Emma for the great coverage...

[Article and pdf download...]

Great course with Michele Quaranta Shihan
in Dublin 5th and 6th December

What a fantastic course with Michele Quaranta Shihan in Dublin on the 5th and 6th of December. This was Michele Senseis first time to teach in Dublin, Barry McGee and Eddie Murray had the task of hosting in the Phoenix Dojo and done the job extremely well, great stuff lads. A huge thanks to Michele for another fantastic seminar and also the great company off the mats. Thanks to Eric Graf from Switzerland for 2 great Genkikai sessions, thanks to Halka travelling from Prague Czech Republic, Amy from Sofia, Bulgaria, Alice and Samir from Basel, Switzerland and to George Hemmings from Cambridge, England and last but not least thanks to all of our Aikido friends from the other Irish groups for attending and not forgetting the Aikikai Ireland students from the various dojos that attended. Thanks for a great weekend, see you at the next course ;-)

Well done to the successful grading candidates at the recent
Aikikai Ireland seminars in Dublin and Sligo

A huge well done to the following Aikidoka that passed their relevant examinations in both Dublin Phoenix Dojo on the 14th and Sligo Aikido Dojo on the 15th..

6th Kyu: 六級
Ryszard Matwiejczuk (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)

5th Kyu: 五級
Cat Dobson (IT Sligo Aikido Dojo)
David Dunne (Athboy Aikido Club)
Alan McGowan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Seamus Whelan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Paul Clarke (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
Carlene Gildea (Sligo Aikido Djo)
David Kerins (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Niall Kelly (Phoenix Dojo)

3rd Kyu: 三級
Oisin Anderson (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

A huge thanks to Trevor Pigott Sensei for taking the course in Phoenix Dojo and to Eddie Murray Sensei and Barry McGee Sensei for hosting the seminar, and all the guys that turned up and trained too. For the Sligo course a huge thanks also to Declan Bray Sensei and Tony McHugh Sensei for teaching the seminar along with host instuctor Eamon Coyne Sensei and to the students that turned up and supported thge course and their colleagues grading...well done to all!!!

[Pics from the Dublin and Sligo days training...]

Drop in visit to Sligo Aikido Dojo by Daniel a 2nd from the
Traditional Aikido School in Rostock, Germany

At last nights adults class in Sligo Aikido Dojo we had a drop in visit from Daniel (seated front row fourth from the right) a 2nd Dan all the way from the Traditional Aikido School in Rostock, Germany. Enjoy the rest of your trip in Ireland Daniel from the Sligo crew. Thanks for stopping by.

Pictures from the Wicklow October 2015 seminar now up

Pictures from the recent Aikikai Ireland seminar in Wicklow are now up, click the link below to see them ;-)

[Course Pictures...]

From bad news to good news at seminar in Wicklow

It was with great regret we received the bad news that Michele Quaranta Shihan could not make the course due to feeling unwell the day he was due to fly over, everyone at Aikikai Ireland wishes Michele Sensei a speedy recovery, Michele expressed his wish that the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee conduct the seminar on his behalf.

The Technical Committee were keen to do Michele proud. At the seminar Anthony Brennan graded for Shodan, the good news is he passed with flying colours, a big congratulations to Anthony from all his fellow Aikidoka at Aikikai Ireland. We even presented the newly promoted Shodan to Michele Shihan via Skype at the end of the course, technology eh ;-)

A big thanks to everyone that attended and made the course a success, well done.

Pics to follow shortly.....

Pictures from the One Day Seminar between
Jean Pasley Sensei and Joe McHugh Sensei now up!!!

Jean and Joe October 2015 Group
Pictures from the One Day Seminar between Jean Pasley Sensei and Joe McHugh Sensei held on 3rd of October in Bray, Co.Wicklow are now up!!!

[Click here for pics...]

Michele and Joe back from a very successful Aikido International Friendship Seminar at Aikido Centers dojo East Hanover, New Jersey

Michele AI Seminar 2015

Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Shihan and Ikeda Dojo Wicklow instructor Joe McHugh Sensei are just back from s very successful international Aikido Friendship Seminar hosted by dojo instructor Greg O'Connor at Aikido Centers (www.aikidocenters.com) on the September 18th,19th and 20th.At the trip classes were given by Michele Quaranta Sensei, Micheline Vaillant-Tissier Sensei, Linda Holiday Sensei, Francis Takahashi Sensei and host Greg O'Connor Sensei. Our very own Joe McHugh was asked would he do the honour of taking one of his classes which Joe graciously and very capably did with all in attendance enjoing Joe's class and Michele and indeed all of the Sensei's teachings. The course was a resounding success and here's to more of the same in the future.

Joe AI Seminar 2015

Sligo Aikido Dojo had the pleasure of visiting student from
Greenriver Aikido, Massachusetts, USA

Valarie McGettigan
Valarie McGettigan mad the trip to Ireland from the Massachusetts, USA and contacted Sligo Aikido Dojo hoping to train during her trip to the Emerald Isle. Sligo Aikido Dojo Instructor Eamon Coyne Sensei and all the dojo Aikidoka were delighted to meet and train with Valarie during her stay. Valarie is a student in the Green River Aikido dojo (http://www.greenriveraikido.org/)in Massachusetts affiliated to the Birankai North America group founded by the late Chiba Sensei. It was a pleasure to meet and train with you Valarie and we look forward to the next time ;-)

Valarie Weapons Sligo

Congratulations to Tom and Sarah on their recent engagement ;-)

Tom and Sarah Engaged

Congratulations to Thomas Waldron and Sarah Conlon on their recent engagement in Italy. It will be a first wedding for Sligo Aikido Dojo and Aikikai Ireland. Declan Bray you have a lot to answer for IT Sligo Aikido Dojo is where the love story began. Rumour has it Declan, you are performing the wedding rites. Sligo Aikido Dojo presented the two love birds with a nice bottle of Champagne, hopefully this one will pop Tom lol. We are all delighted for you and wish you the best of luck for the future!!!!

Fantastic Coverage given to recent Aikikai Ireland Seminar held in Sligo

Weekender Champion August 2015

The recent Aikikai Ireland Seminar held in Sligo has recieved great coverage in both of the Northwest of Irelands biggest newspapers. A huge thanks to Liam Maloney Sports Editor at the Sligo Weekender (http://sligoweekender.ie/)and also to Emma Gallagher Sports Editor at the Sligo Champion newspaper (www.independent.ie/regionals/sligochampion). Click the link below to read the articles...

[Read articles click here...]

Kids make the grade at Sligo Aikido Dojo

Sligo Kids Make the grade

Over the past 2 weeks in the Sligo Aikido Dojo the kids class both Senior and Junior also had the end of summer examinations. 36 of the kids from the Junior and Senior kids classes demonstrated the required spirit and technical proficiency to the level expected by their Sensei Eamon and progressed to the next belt. Well done to all of the successful Sligo adult and kids and also the other students from around the country you done yourselves and dojos proud. Keep up the great work..

Success at the recent Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Seminar

Pictured above are attendees of the course
Pictured above are newly promoted Aikidoka at the course along with the Aikikai Ireland Grading Team

A huge well done to the following successful grading candidates that passed their Aikido exams today at the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Seminar in
Sligo Aikido Dojo.

6th Kyu: 六級
David Dunne (Athboy Aikido Club)
Enda Henry (Sligo Aikido Club)
Alan McGowan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Seamus Whelan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

5th Kyu: 五級
Carlene Gildea Sligo Aikido Djo)
David Kerins (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Serge Kaniki (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Jim Mitchell (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Damien McSharry (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Niall Colleary (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Ervin Domolos (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin/Athboy Aikido Club)

3rd Kyu: 三級
Jason Sheridan (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Robert Timmons (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)

1st Kyu: 一級
Declan O'Reilly(Athboy Aikido Club)
Shaun Blaney (Athboy Aikido Club)
Sylvain Marinier (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

A big thank you to the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee instructors Joe Mchugh Sensei (Wicklow), Trevor Pigott Sensei(Athboy) and Eamon Coyne Sensei for a great course. Also thanks also to visiting instructors Tony McHugh Sensei (Cavan) and Eddie Murray Sensei (Dublin) and Barry McGee Sensei (Dublin) for attending the course with their students.
And all the visiting and host Sligo dojo students for putting plenty of good sweat and energy on the tatami today.

A pleasure as always folks, till the next time...

Sláinte / Kanpai

Drop in visit by Sligo Aikido Dojo instructor to
Circle of Harmony Aikido Dojo Limerick

On Monday 14th of July Sligo Aikido Dojo instructor Eamon Coyne paid a visit to the Circle or Harmony Aikido Dojo Limerick. Thanks to Mike McNamara Sensei and all the lads for the warm reception, considering Eamon just turned up on the dojo door step during a work stay down in Limerick. Eamon thanks the guys for teh chance to train and the pleasure of teaching in the Limerick dojo. The Sligo guys look forward to returning the favour when you make a trip to Sligo in the future ;-)

Ikeda Dojo Wicklow Kids Class Gradings Success

Ikeda Dojo Wicklow Kids Success

A huge well done to all the Ikeda Dojo Wicklow kids classes students that passed their recent exams with their instructor Joe McHugh Sensei. Click link below for pics...

[Ikeda Dojo Wicklow Kids Class Gradings Pics...]

Pictures from the recent fantastic training camp
with Michele Quaranta Shihan in Donegal now up


What can we say other than another brilliant summer training camp with Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Shihan in Donegal. At the seminar we also took the oppurtunity to mark the occassion of official Hombu Recognition being granted to Aikikai Ireland. With a lovely speech by Michele Shihan outlining the significance of this and also a presentation to the present Aikikai Ireland dojo instructors of the certificate for their dojos. We also had a representative from the RTE television show "At Your Service" which wanted to film us using the hall and ask why we chose it. We could be on the Silver Screen yet folks....time will tell, Click the link below for more pics...

[Course pics...]

Well done to kids class students passing their grades
in Athboy Aikido Club recently

Pictured are the successful Athboy Aikido Club kids class students who recently passed their gradings with their instructors Trevor Pigott and Will Baker. You done yourselves, your dojo and families proud. Keep up the great work....

Recent course in Athboy with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei
gets coverage in l'Eco di Basilicata Calabria Campania newpaper

l'Eco Article 2015
At the recent enjoyable course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai D'Italia gets great coverage in the souther Italian regional newpaper l'Eco di Basilicata Calabria Campania (www.ecodibasilicata.it). Also covered is the course between Aikikai Ireland technical adviser Michele Quaranta Shihan 6th Dan and Fiordineve Sensei at Basel and classes at the dojo in Neauchatel. Click the link below for the article in English and Italian...

[L'Eco Article...]

Pictures from the Seminar with Fiordineve Cozzi 6th Dan Aikikai
in Athboy Aikido Dojo now up

Pictures from the recent seminar with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai now up, thanks to Adrian Shanley of the Athboy Aikido Club for the pics. Click below for pics.

[Course pics...]


Aikido Hombu Dojo Japan grant official recognition to Aikikai Ireland

Aikikai Ireland is delighted to announce that it has been issued Hombu Recognition by Aikido Hombu Dojo Japan effective on May 1st, 2015 in accordance with the rules set forth in the International Regulations of Aikido World Headquarters. A massive congratulations to all of the Aikikai Ireland instructors and students who have worked so hard to make this dream become a reality. Here's to our future together.

Eamon Coyne.
Chairman Aikikai Ireland.

Another enjoyable course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei in Athboy

Fiordineve May 2015
On 3rd and 4th of May, Athboy Aikido Club had the pleasure of hosting Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai. At the course Fiordineve also conducted a special kids class for members of the Athboy kids section. Thanks to all that attended and made the course a success, great to meet up and make new friends with the guys that traveled all the way from Italy with Fiordineve and also to the guys from the Irish clubs that attended the course, great to see some new and old friends attending. Thanks to Trevor and all of the gang for hosting and bringing us on a nice tour of the battle of the Boyne and also for the entertainment off the mats...well done. Until next time ;-)

Fiordineve May 2015 Kids

Great time had by all at joint seminar given by
Jean Pasley Sensei and Joe McHugh Sensei on Saturday 25th of April

Joe McHugh and Jean Pasley April 2015
Pictured above are the people that attended the joint seminar in Aikikai Rathmines given by host instructor Jean Pasley Sensei and guest instructor Joe McHugh Sensei. A great time was had by all. We look forward to the next one ;-)

Sligo Aikido Dojo presented with cup for first prize Sport section of the St.Patricks Day Parade which we then brought back to the kids class!!!

Sligo adults accepting the cupIn the picture above are some of the Sligo Aikido Dojo members receiving the cup for first prize in the Sport section of the Sligo St.Patricks's Day Parade from Parade Committee member Caroline O'Hehir. We then presented the cup to the kids class, a good few of the kids were away for the Easter break. Apologies for those missing, but we gave a big cheer on your behalf....
Sligo Aikido Dojo Kids with the cup

Inaugural Aikikai Ireland Shidoshakai Seminar
with Michele Quaranta Shihan a great sucess!!!

Michele March 2015 Group

The Aikikai Ireland Shidoshakai Seminar with Michele Quaranta Shihan a great sucess, this was the first time Aikikai Ireland hosted a Shidoshikai course with Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Shihan 6th Dan. The training was open to students of 2nd Kyu and above, and had particpants from both Aikikai Ireland, Switzerland and other Irish Aikido groups in attendance, which was great to see. At the couse Michele Sensei also presented the last years successful Nidan and Shodan a exam candidates with their diplomas from Hombu Dojo. The course was hosted in Athboy by the Athboy Aikido Dojo gang and not forgetting the food that was laid on by Sinead, Ruth, Lena, Pauline and new Athboy member Trevor cheers folks, Click the link below for pics by Declan Bray.

[Course pics...]

Sligo Aikido Dojo street demonstration at St.Patricks Day Parade
gets first prize in Sports Category


In the clip above is a demonstration by Sligo Aikido Dojo members Eamon Coyne, Dean Clancy and Piotr Cichon done on the streets of Sligo for the St.Patricks Day Parade 17th March 2015. For their efforts Sligo Aikido Dojo were awarded first prize in the Sports Section of the parade. Well done to all the adult and junior Aikidoka that marched on the day of the parade with the club, proud to have you there with us!!!. Pictures courtesy of Warren Forde Photography and Condoh Photography, Aleise Gibbons, Celene Brennan Gibbons, Charlene Scanlon Murrin and Carlene Gildea. Click below for pics...

[More pics of the parade here...]

February 20th marked the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of
Yoji Fujimoto 8th Dan Shihan RIP


20th of February 2015 marked the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of Yoji Fujimoto 8th Dan Shihan RIP. Anyone that has had the pleasure of training with Fujimoto Sensei will have witnessed a very warm, charismatic and elegant Aikido master. Above is a video of an Embukai given by by Fujimoto Sensei at Basiglio Japan Festival in Milan March 1995. Please enjoy the clip.

Joe McHugh Sensei 4th Dan to start new Aikido class
in Bray, Co.Wicklow

Aikido Bray PosterJoe McHugh 4th Dan Aikikai is about to start a new adventure by starting Aikido class in Bray starting on Wednesday the 4th of March. Details as follows...

O'Rahilly Church Terrace (off Main Street), Bray, Co.Wicklow.
18:30-19:45 (Beginners)
18:45-21:00 (General Class)
Open to all over 14 years (Beginners always welcome)
Adult €8 / Student or Unemployed €5 per class.
086 101 9668

All at Aikikai Ireland would like to wish Joe the very best on this new endeavour. Click the link below for the class flyer.

[Bray Dojo Flyer....]

Sligo Aikido Student Daniel Killeen to trek 900 miles around
the coast of Ireland to raise funds for Irish Cancer Services

Daniel Bushcraft 2015

Sligo Aikido Dojo student Daniel (Dinny) Killeen, a biomedical Science Graduate decided to put his extensive experience in bushcraft to great use by Solo Trekking around the coast of Ireland in order to raise money for Cancer Research. This is over 900 miles. All proceeds raised during this SoloTrek will be going towards the Irish Cancer Society and in particular Cancer Research. He is due to start this trek in October and finish late December. The starting point and end point to this mammoth task will be Sligo. All of Daniels Aikido friends in the Sligo dojo and all the other Aikikai Ireland friends will support him in this endeavour, watch this space ;-) Click the link below for a the section from the Feb/March 2015 Bushcraft Journal (http://www.thebushcraftjournal.com) magazine featuring an article with Daniel where he discusses his upcoming adventure..

[Article from Bushcraft Journal...]

Beginners classes starting in Sligo Aikido Dojo
Monday 2nd of February 2015

Sligo Aikido Dojo Poster 2015
[Click here for more details...]

Fantastic news Michele Quaranta will officially be awarded
the title of Shihan from Aikikai Hombu Dojo!!!

MicheleBokkenWe recently received the fantastic news that Michele Quaranta will officially be awarded the title of Shihan from Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Tokyo. Everyone at Aikikai Ireland would like to wish Michele Quaranta a sincere and hearfelt congratulations on this achievment.

This great news could not be awarded to a more deserving recipient, devoting over 42 years of his life so far to the contstant practice of Aikido, with over 20 years of those acting as Uke for Masatomi Ikeda Shihan. Michele tirelessly continues to teach and spread out Aikido according to the methodology that he inherited from Ikeda Sensei. A warm, humble and generous person Michele is always willing to give his time and share his knowledge with those he meets...Kanpai Michele ;-)

Aikikai Ireland events in Sligo Dojo get great coverage in the Northwests biggest papers!!!!

On Saturday the 6th of December the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee gave a seminar which was hosted by Sligo Aikido Dojo. At the course classes were given by the Tech Commitee instructors Joe McHugh Sensei 4th Dan, Eamon Coyne Sensei 4th Dan and Trevor Pigott Sensei 4th Dan. At the course eligible students could grade for the next kyu. The course was a great success.

On Thursday the 11th of December also in Sligo Aikido Dojo the Sligo children from both the senior and junior kids classes tested for the next belt with their instructor Eamon Coyne Sensei. 38 kids from the classes presented to test. All of the kids done themselves, families, fellow students and dojo proud.

Both of these events were given extensive coverage in the local Northwestern media. A huge thanks to both Liam Maloney Sports Editor with the The Sligo Weekender newspaper and also Micheal Moran Sports Editor with the Sligo Champion newspaper.

Both articles can be viewed by clicking the link below....

[Articles from mid January 2015 papers...]