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Articles from 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from Aikikai Ireland

Wishing everyone in Aikikai Ireland, all our Aikido friends and all of the Aikikai Ireland website visitors a Happy Christmas and Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

We can reflect on a massively successful year with all of the newly promoted Dan and Kyu grades throughout the country. The triumphant multiple national domestic seminars we orchestrated and not forgetting the memorable trips abroad to train with our international Aikido friends.

Look foward to seeing you all in the New Year folks and thanks to all involved who made 2014 such a memorable one for all at Aikikai Ireland!!!

Success at Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee course in Sligo
Course pics up too!!!

Sligo Dec 2014 Group

Pictured above are the group that attended the Aikikai Ireland Technical Commitee Seminar in Sligo Aikido Dojo on Saturday 6th of December 2014. Pictured below are the successfuli grading candidates after passing their exams.

Suceesful Grading Candiates

A huge well done to the following successful grading candidates at the recent course in Sligo on the 6th of December..

6th Kyu: 六級
Beatrice Schmidt (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Bruno Sousa(IT Sligo Dojo)
Cat Dobson (IT Sligo Dojo)
Caroline Wilson Potts (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)
David Kerins (sligo Aikido Dojo)
Molly Budd (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

5th Kyu: 五級
Amy McSharry (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Damien McSharry (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Ervine Domokos (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Jim Mitchell (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Graziela Caiado (IT Sligo Dojo / Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Niall Colleary (IT Sligo Dojo /Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Oísin Anderson (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

3rd Kyu: 三級
Piotr Cichon (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

Keep up the great work folks, you done yourselves and fellow Aikidoka, Dojo and instructors proud ;-)...

[Course pics...]

More tatami for Aikikai Ireland

Recently Aikikai Ireland dojos had the opputunity to purchase tatami from the Slovakain Aikikai, we jumped at the oppurtunity and 128 tatami were shipped to Ireland bound for Ikeda Dojo Wicklow, Sligo Aikido Dojo, Phoenix Dojo and to Drogehda. A huge thanks to Roman and Mario of the SAA, to Joe McHugh for facilitating the order and transfer.

Also to Norberts friend Balasz for helping with the transfer, not forgetting Martin Danic of the SAA who helped to store the mats for us until they could be picked up and brought to Ireland. We now have plenty more space for Aikikai Ireland students to enjoy their Aikido practice.

Recent promotions and activity of Sligo Dojo and Aikikai Ireland gets coverage in Northwest of Irelands largest newspapers


In light of the recent Dan promotions and trip to Bratislava for the international seminar two of the Northwest of Irelands biggest newspapers the Sligo Weekender and the Sligo Champion gave some nice coverage to both events from a Sligo persepctive. A sincere thanks to Liam Maloney of the Sligo Weekender and Michael Moran from the Sligo Champion for the articles. Click on the link below for each of the pictures. Click on the link below for larger versions of each of the articles...

[Larger versions of the articles...]

Congratulations to our friend Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei on recieving a medal from Aikikai D'Italia in light of his significant efforts

At the recent course to mark the 50th Anniversary of Aikikai D'Italia (Italian Aikikai) with classes by the Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru and the following Shihan Tada Hiroshi 9th Dan, Katsuaki Asai 8th Dan, Kitaura Yasufusa 8th Dan
Tsuboi Takeki 8th Dan, Kubota Ikuhiro 8th Dan, Hironobu Yamada 8th Dan,
Kiichi Goto 7th Dan, Imazaki Masatochi 7th Dan, Nomoto Jun 7th Dan,
Uchida Tatsuru 7th Dan making this major milestone for thr organisation.

At this prestigous event medals were given to acknowledge the efforts of certain people within the organsition, one of which was our friend Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei. Bravo Fiordineve and congrats from all your friends at Aikikai Ireland....

Great trip by Aikikai Ireland contingent at the 20th Anniversary
of Slovak Aikido Association - Aikikai Slovakia

Pictured above are the Aikikai Ireland group with Ueshiba Mitsuteru (Waka Sensei) at the Aikikai Slovakia 20th Anniversary Seminar in Bratislava. At the course there were 550 Aikidoka from 14 different countries. The classes were held by Ueshiba Mitsuteru (Waka Sensei), Katsuaki Asai 8th dan Aikikai and Michele Quaranta 6th Dan Aikikai and were thoroughly enjoyed by all particpants. A fantastic time was had by all both on and off the mats, thanks to all the guys at Aikikai Slovakia for a greatly organised course...

[Pics from the trip...]

A massive well done to all the successful dan exam candidates at the recent Aikikai Ireland seminar with Michele Quaranta Sensei in Wicklow

At the recent course with Aikikai Ireland technical adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan on October 18th and 19th eligible Aikikai Ireland students tested for dan exams. A huge well done to the following students, you done yourselves, instructors, fellow Aikikai Ireland Aikidoka very proud....

Nidan 二 段
Will Baker (Athboy Aikido Club)
Pj Kirke (Athboy Aikido Club)

Shodan 初段
Adrian Shanley (Athboy Aikido Club)
Daniel Killeen (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Dean Clancy (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Niall Jones (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Timothy Lynch (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Thomas Waldron (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Wojciech Kordyl (Phoenix Dojo)

[Click here for pictures from the course..]

Athboy Promotions with club instructor Trevor Pigott Sensei and Michele Quaranta Sensei

Sligo Promotions with club instructor Eamon Coyne Sensei and Michele Quaranta Sensei
Phoenix Promotion with club instructors Eddie Murray Sensei and Barry McGee Sensei and Michele Quaranta Sensei

Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee members presenting new Shodans with Hakama and belts

One Day Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Course and Kyu Exams
in Sligo on 6th December 2014

On Saturday 6th of December Sligo will host a one day Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee course with Kyu exams on the day also.

Classes will be conducted by Joe McHugh 4th Dan Aikikai, Trevor Pigott 4th Dan Aikikai and Eamon Coyne 4th Dan Aikikai. The schedule will run as follows....

Class Times:
12.30-13.25 Training 1.
13.30-14.30 Training 2.
Lunch Break.
15.30-16.30 Exams Kyu.
16.35-17.30 Training 3.

€20 (€15 students/ unwaged)

Tel: +353876693711
Mail: eamoncoyne@gmail.com

[Course details and poster etc...]

Recent course with Fiordineve Cozzi in Sligo gets coverage in the
l'Eco Basilicata Calabria and Campania newspaper

l'Eco Basilicata Calabria and Campania cropped

The recent course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei in Sligo Aikido Dojo has gotten coverage in the Italian l'Eco Basilicata Calabria and Campania newspaper. A big thanks to all of the guys at l'Eco for the article and allowing our Italian friends to hear about it. Click below for both the Irish and Italian media coverage in bigger format.

[Larger version...]

Pictures from the recent Aikikai Ireland
Technical Committee Seminar and Kyu Grading Sessions

The pictures from the recent Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Seminar and Kyu Grading session held in Sligo are now up. Well done again to all the successful grading candidates. Thanks to Bea Schmidt for the lovely lemon cake in the pic above..."delicious".

[Course pictures...]

Aikikai Ireland Yudansha training in Sligo 7th September 2014


Group shot from the Aikikai Ireland Yudansha training in Sligo Aikido Dojo held on 7th of September 2014 where the dan candidates had mock exams. Plenty of great work done and plenty for all to do in advance of the exams in October down in Wicklow. Special mention to the people that are not grading and came and helped out ;-)

Recent course with Fiordineve Cozzi gets coverage
in the Sligo Weekender newspaper

Weekender Juky 2014

The recent course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai that was held in Sligo Aikido Club has gotten great coverage in one the Northwest of Irelands biggest newspapers the Sligo Weekender (www.sligoweekender.ie).

A big thank you to Liam Maloney sports editor of the Sligo Weekender, who was kind enough to publish the article for us.

For a bigger copy of the story please click on the link below.....

[Larger version...]


Success for Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin kids class students

Aikido Dojo Tallaght Successful Group

A big well done to all of the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin kids class students that passed their gradings recently. Pictured above are the successful kids with their Sensei (far right) Tallaght Dojo head instructor Norbert Toth. Also included are Ikeda Dojo instuctor Joe McHugh Sensei (second from right). Ikeda Dojo Wicklow student Robert Timmons (far left) and Tallaght Dojo student Irvin (second from left). Click link below to see more pics....

Norbert and student

[Click for more pics..]

Recent grading promotions in Sligo Aikido Dojo

A massive well done to the following students that passed their grading on Monday night 7th of July 2014...

6th Kyu: 六級
Amy McSharry 
(Sligo Aikido Dojo)

5th Kyu: 五級
Oisin Anderson 
(Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Jason Sheridan 
(Sligo Aikido Dojo)

Pictured are the successful candiates with their instructor Eamon Coyne 4th Dan Aikikai. Well done on your achievement, onwards and upwards!!!

More success for Ikeda Dojo Wicklow students

Pictured here are some more Ikeda Dojo Wicklow kids class students that have passed their recent grading.

The students were put through their paces by dojo instructor Joe McHugh 4th Dan Aikikai.

Joe Sensei was very happy with the students performance during the grading and the development of each of the candidates..

Keep up the good work folks!!!




A massive well done to successful grading candiates at the recent Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee seminar

Aikikai Ireland Successful Exam Students

A huge well done to the following successful grading candidates at the recent Aikikai Ireland technical committee seminar

6th Kyu: 六級
Abdel Sahal (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Damien McSharry (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Jim Mitchell (Sligo Aikido Dojo)
Graziela Caiado (IT Sligo Dojo)
Niall Colleary (IT Sligo Dojo)

5th Kyu: 五級
Yvette Edwards (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

4th Kyu: 四級
Robert Timmons (Ikeda Dojo Wicklow)

3rd Kyu: 三級
William Gaffney (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

2nd Kyu: 二級
Declan O'Reilly (Athboy Aikido Club)
Shaun Blaney (Athboy Aikido Club)
Sylvain Marinier (Sligo Aikido Dojo)

1st Kyu: 一級
Anthony Brennan (Phoenix Dojo)

You done yourselves, intructors and dojo's proud.
A special mention to the Uke's that assisted and pushed the candidates hard ;-)

Keep up the good work folks!!!! More pics from the seminar to follow soon....

Pictures from the adults and kids classes with
Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan Sligo

Fiordineve June 2014 Montage

Pictures from the recent seminar on June 21st and 22nd of June withe Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan in Sligo Aikido Dojo are now up. Please click on the link below to the pics taken by Declan Bray...

[Course pics...]

Pictures from summer camp with Michele Sensei now up!!!

Pictures taken by Declan Bray from the brilliant residential camp with Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei are now up see link below. The course coincided with the 5th anniversary of the Aikikai Ireland group, we held a party to mark the occassion with plenty of ceol agus craic enjoyed by all. Thanks to Declan for some great shots and once again thanks to all attendees for making the course such a memorable one!!!  

[Course pictures...]

Well done to the recent Ikeda Dojo Wicklow successful kids class grading candidates ;-)

A huge well done to the successful grading candidates from Ikeda Dojo Wicklow. You done yourselves and Sensei Joe and dojo proud ;-)....

Amazing course with Michele Quaranta Sensei
in the Bluestack mountains!!!

Bluestack 2014

What an unbelievable Aikido summer camp with Michele Quaranta Sensei in the Bluestack Mountains, Donegal. Great training, craic, music and memories. Thanks to everyone for making it happen! More pics to follow soon courtesy of Declan Bray....

Delicous cake and double birthday celebrations at Sligo Dojo

Sligo Dojo Birthday

A shot of the recent joint birthday celebrations for Eamon Coyne Sensei and Piotr Cichon after class. Thanks to Yvette Edwards  for baking the delicious cake and Timothy Lynch for bringing the profiteroles .. Sorry to all the guys that missed class that night, there were a good few missing (Murphys Law), we tried to keep you some, really we did ;-)

Fantastic time had by travelling Aikikai Ireland students in Austria

Austria 2014

Declan Bray, Trevor Pigott, Tony McHugh, Will Baker, Pj Kirke and Eamon Coyne travelled to Graz, Austria to a seminar given by both Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan and Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan. The seminar was capably hosted by Tammo Tantrow instructor at Aikidoschule Graz. Plenty of training and socialising and a little bit of sight seeing around both the beautiful cities of Graz and Vienna. A big thank you to Michele and Fiordineve Sensei for a great course and also to Tammo for hosting. The attending Austrian, Italian, Slovak, Czech and Irish students thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Thanks to Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei for the pictures...

[Pics from the Austria trip...]

Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei receiving 6th Dan diploma from Tada Sensei

Pictured here is Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei receiving his 6th Dan diploma from Tada Hiroshi Shihan 9th Dan Director of Aikikai d'Italia.

A hearty congratulations to Fiordineve from all at Aikikai Ireland on this achievement.

You can look forward to catching up with Fiordineve Cozzi at the course in Sligo on 21st and 22nd of June. Fiordineve will also have some Italian AIkidoka joining him on the trip to Sligo a chance to make some new friends ;-)

Another fantastic course with Michele Quaranta Sensei!!!

What a fantastic course with Aikikai Ireland technical adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei was enjoyed by all in attendance in the superb new facilities in Athboy, Community School. A huge thank you to all that helped facilitate another memorable Aikikai Ireland course, particularly Will Baker for some trojan work behind the scenes. Click below to see some great pictures taken by Declan Bray.

[Course photos...]

Sligo Aikido Dojo enters St.Patricks Day Parade for 1st time
and makes national TV!!!

St.Patricks Day

For the first time ever Sligo Aikido Dojo entered the Sligo St.Patricks Day Parade. Sligo has the honour of being the European Town of Sport for 2014 and also hosting the Fleadh Cheoil music festival so there was a strong emphasis on all things sports and music related in the parade. Thousands of spectators lined the streets for the parade which completes a lap of the city centre. At various flash points of the parade, club instructor Eamon Coyne performed a demonstration with club members Dean Clancy and Piotr Cichon, no easy task considering there were no tatami to fall on when falling from Koshinage ;-)... Great job lads!!!

Irelands national broadcaster RTÉ had a camera right at the stand where the Mayor and other dignitaries were seated and the club were fortunate enough to be shown in the parade reel highlights broadcast on the national evening SixOne news on St.Patricks Day. Here is the link to the clip that was shown in the news....


Club instructor Eamon would just like to thank all of adults and kids that helped out in the parade that day and done themselves and the dojo proud.

[Click here for more pics and also Youtube video of parade...]

Aikikai Ireland Course with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei in Sligo
gets coverage in National Italian Aikikai Magazine

The Aikikai Ireland course hosted by Sligo Aikido club with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 6th Dan last summer has gotten coverage in the national Italian Aikikai Magazine.

Aikikai Ireland and Sligo Aikido dojo would like to thank those involved in the Italian Aikikai for publishing article.You can view the article by clicking on the link below.

[Click here for full size article...]

First of the 2014 Yudansha trainings done and dusted!!!

Athboy Yudansha Training 2014

The first of the 2014 Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee Yudansha trainings took place in Athboy on Sunday 19th of January, with all in attendance enjoying the session. The Yudansha training offers the students the chance to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills.

The schedule for the rest of the Yudansha trainings this year is

January 19th: Athboy (done)
February 23rd: Sligo (done)
March 21st, 22nd and 23rd: Michele Seminar in Athboy (done)
April 13th: Wicklow or Dublin (done)
June 6th, 7th and 8th: Michele Seminar in Donegal (done)
• September 7th: Sligo (mock gradings) (done)
• October 17th, 18th and 19th: Dan Exams Wicklow

Classes are open to 2nd Kyu and above, look forward to seeing you at the next one folks, keep up the great work!!!.

Congratulations to our Aikikai Ireland friends on their
recent promotions to 5th Dan!!!!

The Aikikai Hombu Dojo has published their Kagamibiraki new year's promotions list on their website, a big congratulations to our following Aikido friends on their recent promotion to 5th Dan......

Mario Černý‎ of Slovak Aikido Association (www.adt.aikidosaa.sk)
Jean Pasley of Aikikai Rathmines (aikidorathmines.com)
Cyril Lagrasta of Dublin Aikikai (www.dublinaikido.com)

Well deserved folks...full list here (http://www.aikikai.or.jp/jpn/info/2014/h26.pdf)

Sligo Aikido Dojo beginners classes starting 20th of January 2014

Sligo Aikido Dojo Poster
[Click here for more details...]