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Articles from 2011

One day course in Sligo gets coverage in local media!!!

Sligo Champion and Weekender articlesThe course that was held in Sligo recently has made the local newspapers in Sligo, both of the countys main newspapers "The Sligo Champion" (www.SligoChampion.ie) and "The Sligo Weekender" (www.SligoWeekender.ie) very kindly published articles on the course. We at Aikikai Ireland and in particular the Sligo Aikido Club would like to extend our gratitude to both excellent newspapers. P.s to see the articles in more detail double click the image above.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Aikikai Ireland members

Christmas Samurai

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Aikikai Ireland members. I hope you all enjoy the holiday.Thanks for your continued support and making 2011 such a memorable one. Here's looking forward to 2012!!!!!

Course photos from the one day seminar with
Eamon Coyne Sensei and Trevor Pigott Sensei

Sligo Course Group Photo Dec 2011 On Saturday 3rd December, the MCR Community Hall home of the Sligo Aikido Club played host to a national inter club Aikido seminar. The seminar was attended by students and instructors from clubs in Cavan, Dublin(3), Meath, Wicklow and the hosts Sligo. At the course classes were given by Eamon Coyne 3rd Dan head instructor of the Sligo Club and Trevor Pigott 3rd Dan head instructor of the Athboy Club in Meath. The seminar also provided the students with the opportunity to grade for their next belt. A mix of students from the different clubs all successfully passed their gradings. 

    A special mention to the following students who passed: Carlene Gildea, Gary Holmes, Sean (6th Kyu), Gabrielle Hosey, Sylvain Marinier (5th Kyu), Sarah Conlon, Paul Cunningham, Mark Connell (3rd Kyu), Danny Kileen, Wojciech Kordyl, Eamon McGauran, Maria McGauran, Niall Jones, Timothy Lynch, Adrian Shanley, Thomas Waldron (2nd Kyu). You can view photos from the course by clicking the link below.

[Course photos...]

New Aikikai Ireland Dojo in Wicklow

Joe McHughAikikai Ireland has the pleasure of announcing Joe McHugh Sensei 4th Dan Aikikai will start a new adventure with his dojo in Co.Wicklow. The Ikeda Dojo Wicklow will open to the general public on the 9th of January 2012. Joe has studied Aikido since 1987 firstly in Ireland and then in Switzerland where he was fortunate enough to study for a number of years under Masatomi Ikeda Sensei.

Joe has also been greatly influenced by Michele Quaranta Sensei (Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser). The Ikeda Dojo Wicklow joins the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin, Athboy Aikido Club, Cavan Aikido Dojo, Heron Dojo, Phoenix Dojo, IT Sligo Dojo and Sligo Aikido Club in the ranks of Aikikai Ireland Dojos. Best of Luck Joe...click the links below for further information..

[Aikikai Ireland Ikeda Dojo homepage...] [Ikeda Dojo Wicklow site...]

Heron Dojo instructor Fiona Kelty back from visit to
Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei in his dojo in Lauria, Italy

Fiona Kelty Lauria 2011

Aikikai Irelands Heron Dojo instructor Fiona Kelty Sensei is fresh back from her visit to Lauria to stay and train with Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 5th Dan and his wife Rosella Lamboglia 3rd Dan. Fiona said she had a great time and you can read Fionas account by clicking the link below.

[Fiona's account of Lauria...]

Thank you Michele Quaranta Sensei for a great course.
Course photos now uploaded !!!

Michele Quaranta Sensei Bokken
Aikikai Ireland once again had the pleasure of a seminar with Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai and Aikikai Ireland technical adviser. The course was held in Athboy and Michele Sensei covered a multitude over the 3 days of intense yet thoroughly enjoyable practice.

Students had the chance to study empty hand techniques, Jo kata, Aikiken and Tanto dori and how they are all inter related. All of which was expertly instructed by Michele Sensei. As always all in attendance were very impressed with the depth of knowledge that Michele Sensei displayed.

Michele Quaranta KotegaeshiOf course with all the hard training everyone looked forward to the socialising off the mats too, which was done in the regular spots in Athboy,

Saddlers Well on the Friday night for a few pints and the Darnley Lodge Hotel for a beautiul meal and more liquid refreshment on the Saturday night. Thanks to Trevor Pigott Sensei and all the gang in Athboy for a great weekend and also the people that travelled from all over Ireland and Switzerland to attend the course and last but not least Michele Quaranta Sensei for a great course again!. Check out the course photo's below

[Course Photos...]

Classes resume in IT Sligo on 28th September

Declan Bray IT Sligo

Aikido classes will resume in the IT from the Wednesday the 28th September 2011. Classes are taught by Declan Bray 2nd Dan Aikikai. Declan has been teaching the students class in the IT for a number of years and has been quiet successful in keeping the numbers high all year round, which is no easy task considering the distractions that students have when they hit college for the first time 8).

Declan Sensei is looking forward to seeing the regular IT Aikidoka as well as new ones in the coming academic year. Details can be found on the IT Club page by clicking on the link below.

[IT Sligo Dojo page...]

Thank you Joe McHugh Sensei and all in Athboy
for a great weekend!!

Joe August 2011 Group

Thanks to Joe McHugh Sensei for a thoroughly enjoyable course last weekend which was hosted by Trevor Pigott Sensei and the Athboy Aikido Club crew.

The course was enjoyed by all and plenty of material was covered by Joe Sensei with plenty of work covered in Aikijo and Aikiken in addition to Tai-jutsu techniques.

Thanks also to all of the people that travelled from Cavan, Dublin and Sligo to the attend course.

Great days training in Sligo and grading success

Sligo June 2011 Group Shot

On Saturday the 11th of June a one day course was held in Sligo Dojo.
The course was taught by Trevor Pigott Sensei (Athboy Aikido Club) and Eamon Coyne Sensei (Sligo Aikido Club).

After the classes taught by Trevor Sensei and Eamon Sensei some of the students had the oppurtunity to grade, there was a nice mix of students from the Aikikai Ireland Dojos. All of the students that graded can be proud of their achievement as the fruits of their labour was very apparent on the day, keep up the good work. 

Sligo June Grading
A big congratulations to all of the following Aikikai Ireland students

6th Kyu:
Patrick Toth (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Euridica Toth (Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin)
Gabrielle Hosey (Sligo Aikido Club)
Michael Gormely (Sligo Aikido Club)
Jamie Herity (IT Sligo Dojo)
Aaron Mulvaney (IT Sligo Dojo)

4th Kyu:
William Gaffeny (Sligo Aikido Club)
Sarah Conlon (Sligo Aikido Dojo/IT Sligo Dojo)

3rd Kyu:
Adrian Shanley (Athboy Aikido Club)
Mark Connell (Athboy Aikido Club)
Danny Kileen (Sligo Aikido Club/IT Sligo Dojo)
Thomas Waldron (Sligo Aikido Club/IT Sligo Dojo)
Ivan O'Sullivan (Sligo Aikido Club/IT Sligo Dojo)
Timothy Lynch (Sligo Aikido Club)
Wojciech Kordyl (Phoenix Dojo)

[Click here for course photo's...]

Aikikai Ireland Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!!!

Another great year for everyone at Aikikai Ireland. Since last June we have seen a new dojo at Aikikai Ireland with the Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin and dojo instructor Norbert Toth coming on board.

Some Aikikai Ireland members travelled to Slovakia for a very memorable summer camp with Aikikai Ireland Technical Adviser Michele Quaranta Sensei. Aikikai Ireland again hosted some more thoroughly enjoyable seminars with Michele Quaranta Sensei, Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei, Joe McHugh Sensei along with Aikikai Ireland one day courses hosted by Trevor Pigott Sensei and Eamon Coyne Sensei.We have seen the progression of the Aikikai Ireland students with the gradings held last May and November not forgetting Joe McHughs 4th Dan grading in April.

These are just some of the highlights, so a big well done to all Aikikai Ireland members for making the past 12 months so memorable, keep up the good work everyone....

New Phoenix dojo website and new look for Heron Dojo website

Eddie Murray and Barry McGee instructors at the Phoenix Dojo have a nice new website. The website was published by Barry McGee, you can visit the new site here (www.phoenixaikidodublin.yolasite.com).

The Heron Dojo website has recently been giving a fresh look by dojo instructor Fiona Kelty. You can see the new look site here.. (www.herondojo.com).
Well Done Barry and Fiona!!!

Fiordineve Cozzi course in Athboy, a great time had by all!!!

Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei Athboy 2011

"Thanks a million to Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei, 5th Dan for the very interesting, challenging and enjoyable Aikido Course last on the 30th April and 1st of May in Athboy. And a huge thank you to Trevor Pigott Sensei and Athboy Aikido School for hosting the Course, and providing us with 2 nights of music, dancing and lovely meals, as well as afternoon trips to Trim Castle and to the magical Lough Crew area and its megalithic tombs.

Thanks also from all of us to the lovely group of warm, lively, friendly Italian people who accompanied Fiordineve - especially his beautiful wife, Rosella! It was a great pleasure to meet you all, and to have fun and Aikido together. See you again soon!"......... Fiona Kelty Heron dojo Instructor.

Click the link below for photos from the weekend.

[Course photos...]

You can see more photos on Fiordineve Sensei's website (www.aikidoweb.it) and also here (http://fotoalbum.aikidoweb.it). When the page opens, click on the little + sign to the left of the word "Eventi" and more options will come up. Then click on Irlanda and Dublino and Athboy to see lots of photos.

Fund Raising Lunch by Aikikai Ireland in aid of Japanese Tsunami

Japanese Red Cross FundAt the recent Aikikai Ireland Spring Course in Sligo a suggestion was made by Valli Schafer to have a fund raising lunch in aid of the recent Japanese Tsunami disaster. The lunch was organised and prepared by Valli Schafer and Karen Webster and was a great hit from both a fund rasing perspective and by those that enjoyed the lovely food provided.

A total of 21,000 yen (€177) was transferred by Valli to the fund raising account promoted by the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, details of which are on the Aikikai Headquarters wesbite (www.aikikai.or.jp/eng/index.htm). All money transferred to this account goes to the Japanese Red Cross fund.

So a big well done to Valli and Karen and all of those that donated to the charity lunch and helped the affected Japanese people in their time of need.  

Gaku Homma Kancho in Dublin

Gaku Homma ClassGaku Homma Kancho of Nippon Kan Dojo, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. taught 3 Aikido Classes which he so generously gave, free of charge, in Dublin on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of April, at the request of his former uchi deshi (live-in student), Mariusz Ferenc.  Mariusz has been training in Public Service Aikido Club (http://www.psac.ie) since coming to live in Ireland.

All voluntary donations which were collected at the door of each class went directly to A.H.A.N.: Aikido Humanitarian Active Network.  Homma Sensei does not even allow us to pay his expenses. Click the link below to read Heron Dojo’s Sensei Fiona Kelty account of the very special classes…

[Class report…]  

A thoroughly enjoyable Aikikai Ireland Spring Course
with Michele Quaranta Sensei

Rosses Point Group Shot
Once again Aikikai Ireland had the privilege of hosting Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan Aikikai. The course was held in the picturesque village of Rosses Point, Sligo. The Scouts Den provided the hall which faced the Atlantic Sea with stunning panoramic views of the beaches.

Thankfully the weather picked up on Saturday and Sunday to provide those in attendance with a very memorable weekend. A special mention to Joe McHugh who passed his 4th Dan examination at the course, not forgetting to mention our travelling Aikido friends Halka and Charlotte and also the people that travelled from Dublin, Cavan, Meath, Galway and Tyrone to attend the course. Click below to see some photo's from the weekend course.

[Course Photos...]

Table quiz for Sligo Aikido Club a big success

The Harp Tavern

On Friday the 11th of February 2011 the Harp Tavern played host to a table quiz in aid of Sligo Aikido Club. The quiz was a big success with plenty raised for the club on the night.

Thanks to all the local businesses that supported the quiz and also the club members that brought along plenty of support.

[Read More...]

[Table Quiz photos..]

One Day Seminar with Joe McHugh Sensei in Athboy

Joe in athboy Feb 2011

A big thank you to Joe McHugh Sensei for the one day seminar in Athboy. The course was a great days training, as those that attended will testify. The course consisted of 5 hours training in the one day, so quiet a lot was covered on the day by Joe. Thanks to everyone that attended and Trevor and the lads for hosting the course so capably as always.