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Aikikai Ireland Photo Gallery


Some photos from Aikikai Ireland groups visit to the Slovakian Aikido Summer Camp in Radava with Michele Quaranta Sensei also included is some shots from the trip after the course to Vienna

Mayor of Radava
Radava Group Shot
Irish Radava Group
Declan Bray Tenchinage
Wil Baker and Brendan Leavy Shihonage
Grading Action Shot
Grading Action Shot
Grading Action Shot
Mira Grading Shot
Action from Radava
Action from Radava
Mira Grading
Tony McHugh and Will Baker
Declan Bray watches on
Delcan Bray throwing
Brendan Leavy and Will Baker
Enjoying the feast
Anthony Brennan and Trevor Pigott
Radava Feast
Michele, Trevor and Pj
Brendan Leavy and Anthony Brennan
Group from Radava
Eamon Coyne and Declan Bray
Brendan Leavy and his pancakes
Eamonn and his Pizza

Brendan Leavy Multi Tasking

Trevor Pigott at the table

Eamon Coyne at the pool table

Gang at the pool

At the window

Some shots from the gangs trip to Vienna

Vienna group shot

Vienna Building


resting in Vienna

Vienna Archictecture

Vienna Horse

Vienna dome

Vienna Sculpture

Declan Bray and Brendan Leavy Halloween Mask

Vienna Stroll

Vienna Building

Trevor Pigott and his Twin

will and Trevor

Vienna Judge

Vienna Building

Vienna Street

Vienna Bulding

Relaxing in Vienna

Vienna Pole

Vienna Fountain

Vienna Fountain Close Up

Vienna Pub

Vienna Big Mac