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Aikikai Ireland Photo Gallery


Some photos from Aikikai Ireland One Day Course with Trevor Pigott Sensei and Eamon Coyne Sensei on 27th November 2010 in IT Sligo.

Mark Connell

Paul Cunningham and Niall Jones
Thomas Waldron and Sarah Conlon
Trevor Pigott and Thomas Waldron
Dean Clancy
Dean Clancy and Ivan O Sullivan
Niall Jones and Darragh Cattigan
Niall Jones
Niall Jones and Darragh Cattigan
Trevor Pigott and Wojciech Kordyl
Emmett Sherry and Ivan O Sullivan
Dean Clancy and Paul Cunningham
Dean Clancy and Niall Jones
Group in action
Paul Cunningham and Valli Schafer
Eamonn Thompson and Tony McHugh
Brendan Leavy and Will Baker
Will Baker and Joe
Darragh Cattigan and Fiona Kelty
Paul Cunningham and Adrian Shanley
Mark Connell and Paul Cunningham
Sarah Conlon
Valli Schafer and Joe
Mark Connell and Sarah Conlon
Group watch on
Eamon Coyne and Tony McHugh
Group at the course