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Some photos from the recent Dan gradings held in Sligo Aikido Dojo on Saturday 13th of Octiber 2018

The dan examinations conducted by the Aikikai Ireland Technical Committee, huge congratulations to

Lizzy McHugh Shodan 初段 Ikeda Dojo Wicklow

Thomas Waldron Nidan 二段 Sligo Aikido Dojo

Pictured also at the end of pics are Adrian Shanley of Athboy Aikido Dojo after receiving 二段 Nidan diploma and Nobert Toth of Aikido Ikeda Dojo Dublin after receiving Sandan 三段 diploma both were presented by Michele Quaranta Shihan in Sligo. Adrian and Norbert successfully passed their exams at the recent summer course in Donegal back in June. Well done again ;-)

Thanks to Robert Timmons for the pics ;-)