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Gradings at the one day course in Sligo 3rd of November 2010


Course Report by Sarah Conlon, Sligo Aikido Club/IT Sligo Dojo (pictured below).

Sarah Conlon

At the end of November 3 students from the IT Sligo Aikido club joined with the other Aikikai Ireland Dojos for a training day followed by a grading. The snow outside did little dampen sprits and despite the bitter cold outside the hall was roasting. We were told that we were being graded from the moment we stepped on the mats but the mornings training lacked the pressure and nerves of the formal grading that was to follow latter. The course was instructed by Trevor Pigott Sensei, from the Athboy club and Eamon Coyne Sensei from the Sligo club. We began with Ikkyo ura as a warm up with some of the IT students taking Uke for Eamon Sensei.

This was a great opportunity to show off just how far we had come. As the course progressed we practiced techniques from a number of grades from 6th kyu up. It was a really interesting chance for us to try out new moves with people from all over the country. After several hours of hard training the time came for the grading. Those of us to be tested stepped onto the mats and paired off. As there were an odd number of us to be graded the three of us from the IT went together. We performed several moves from the 6th kyu syllabus with each of us acting as Uke for the others. When Eamon Sensei and Trevor Sensei called the end of the 6th kyu section Darragh  stepped off the mats and took a well earned rest. Tom and I paired off for the 5th kyu section, after a number of throwing and pinning techniques I was exhausted and glad to step off the mats at the end of the section.

I didn’t envy those going for the higher grades, including Tom who had to continue. Before too long the three of us were sat together enjoying a much needed drink and watching those going for the higher grades facing multiple attackers, a formidable prospect. Then came the wait, it was only a few minutes but felt more like an hour. Finally we were asked to line up and await the news of wither or no we had passed. We were called up one by one and presented with our Certs.  Darragh obtained 6th kyu, I got 5th and Tom 4th. Congrats to the lads on their grades.