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Article in l'Eco di Basilicata Italian Newspaper about upcoming courses with
Quaranta Sensei and Cozzi Sensei in Lauria, Prague and Sligo


The school of Aikido Lauria, now in its 23rd year of operation, offers a rich program of events both nationally and even internationally in Lauria.

The efforts made by Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 5th Dan have been noted throughout Italy, with recoginition of his school in Lauria active since 1989 and also Scalea active since 1998.Over the years, both these schools of Aikido have organized a variety of events. More than 30 seminars with Japanese teachers, over 70 demonstrations distributed to the public in the territory, and many events to be shared with other schools and teachers, five major international internships, of which the last, was with the Irish delegation in April.

The novelty of this year include: the launch of new courses Aikido at the sports center "Kalidarium" in Calda di Latronico.The project was scheduled for some time, but the substantial commitments for Italy Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei have prolonged the wait. From October, the new school is operating with the help of Daniele Di Lascio , black belt 1st Dan, the youngest of all black belts "14 to be exact," to achieve the rank in the school of Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei. Daniele began at the age of 8 years, in 1999 and has practiced successfully and continuously, achieving the rank of Black Belt in 2009, with Cozzi Sensei .

The brilliant results obtained are of course the result of a careful and constant efforts over time, in addition to participation in different events in Italy and abroad as well as those of his teacher with Masters in Japan.

The second important change for this year is a new appointment as "Head chief Teacher" of a School of Padova, Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei. This appointment comes at the express wish of the students from the same school of Padua, who after participating in seminars conducted by M ° Cozzi in Padua, but also Ferrara, Bologna, Parma and Reggio Emilia, decided to take the exams right with him, during summer sessions at Lauria.

In fact, last year over 10 students have passed the black belt 1st Dan Lauria just with Maestro Cozzi, while many others Previous year students for the different degrees of level white belts, and two of 2 ° dan. Upon written request, Cozzi Sensei has been appointed by the President and by the d Italian Aikikai directorate of teaching in September, to be responsible for a new Aikido dojo in the city of Padua.

Considering the large distance between Lauria and Padua, Cozzi Sensei will also benefit from this school the collaboration of an assistant. Appointed as "jo shu" assistant is Mr.James Voncini, an osteopath by profession, one of the two students examined by Cozzi Sensei a few years ago to 2nd Degree Dan black belt.

There are also international events of this year in Lauria.

On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December a seminar hosted by the Aikido Dojo in Lauria will have the pleasure of Michele Quaranta Sensei 6th Dan, Aikikai Technical Director of Switzerland, as well as supervisor and examiner for Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia , Bulgaria. The seminar is a very important one in the Lauria Aikido calendar as it will have visitors from all over Italy and Europe coming to train in the town. Michele Quaranta Sensei studied along side Ikeda Masatomi Sensei for 30 years, currently Michele Sensei lives and teaches in Basel, Switzerland, as a technical director.He has visited Lauria, earlier this year and was impressed by our hospitality as well as the headquarters of Aikido in Lauria. Michele Sensei commented on the dojo building remarking "That it would be hard to find something so well done in Japan"

The first weekend in April 5th, 6th and 7th Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei will be the guest of Michele Quaranta Sensei at another seminar in the beautiful city of Prague. Travelling along with Cozzi Sensei to Prague will be as usual a large group of Italian aikidoka who have trained with him for years, coming from all over Italy, taking advantage of his seminars, meeting other Aikido groups in Europe and visiting new cities.

The 3rd international event will take place in June in Sligo, Ireland. This will be the 5th consecutive time that Fiordineve Sensei has travelled to teach in Ireland .

As the guest of Aikikai Ireland Cozzi Sensei will host a seminar in the beautiful city of Sligo located in the northwest of Ireland bordering the Atlantic Sea. As in previous years the group of travelling Italian Aikidoka will also spend a few days in Dublin, experiencing some of the classes of Cozzi Sensei at the Heron Dojo in Diblin with Miss Fiona Kelty.

In relation to the appointments of the national Aikikai of Italy, Fiordineve Sensei has invited to the Lauria Dojo Carlo Raineri Sensei 6th dan, a member of the Board of Education of Aikikai of Italy on 13 and 14 April.

As far as his personal appointments, Cozzi Sensei as in his Aikikai of Italy role as “Teacher of Teachers” for childrens instructors, for the 7th year, held another seminar organized by Aikikai of Italy in Rome on March 9 to 10 shared with Dr. Robert Travaglini Professor of Psycho-Pedagogy at the University of Urbino.

The rest of the events of M ° Cozzi will see him conduct seminars at the city of Rome in November, Cava de Tirreni to December, January to Avellino, Naples in February, Lecce in March, then again Padua, San Marino.

The second occurence of "Aikido and the Sea" will be in August, in memory of Yoji Fujimoto Sensei 8th Dan who recently passed away. The first time the course was held last August by Cozzi Sensei it drew a number Lauria aikidoka from various Aikido dojos in Italy. There were in students and teachers from two different schools from Rome, two from Lecce, two from Cava de Tirreni, three from Naples, Bari and two in addition to those of Padua, Lauria and Scalea.

Many of them took advantage as well as training at the course to spend time and holiday with in Lauria. Which is a testament to the fantsatic work of Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei and his school.

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