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Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 5th Dan Aikikai 14th and 15th November 2009 Course Report


By Raffaele Papaleo reporter with the "Eco di Basilicata"

The following is a translation of an article which appeared in a newspaper in Italy (in Basilicata, the region where Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei lives).

International Aikido Course in Dublin

On the 14th & 15th November, Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei, 5th Dan, gave his third Aikido Course in Ireland, organized this time by Fiona Kelty, who teaches at Heron Dojo in Dublin, and who is Secretary of the new organization, Aikikai Ireland. In the past 2 years, Irish Aikidoists went to Lauria to participate in Twin Courses between AOI of Ireland and the Aikido school of Lauria.

Always enthusiastic about Fiordineve’s Sensei’s teaching, Fiona Kelty has invited him to give 3 Courses in Ireland during this academic year. The first was organized in the city of Dublin, while the rest of the seminars will take place in different places on the island, in the months of March and June.

FiordineveJoShotPeople from different parts of Italy usually accompany Cozzi Sensei, as he has taught in many different places. On this occasion he had with him people from Foggia, Naples, Rome and naturally Lauria. These included some teachers and black belts, such as Domenico Coviella, 2nd Dan from Lauria, Rodolfo Traversi, 3rd Dan, the teacher at the Aikido School in Foggia, and Peppe Boemia Sensei, 4th Dan, teacher at Uosm Dojo in Naples - who was accompanied by his able collaborator Angelo Iavicoli, 1st Dan. The official interpreter for the group was Chiara Casati, a student of Uosm Dojo, who has perfect understanding of the English language.

The Italian group arrived in Dublin on Thursday evening, and the following morning they explored the city, including a visit to the National Museum (Kildare St.), where can be found some mummified human remains, thousands of years old but extraordinarily well preserved by the acidic soil of the Irish boglands.

In the evening, Cozzi Sensei was invited by Mrs. Kelty to give 2 classes at her Aikido school, “Heron Dojo Dublin”. The first was for children and the second for adults. Afterwards, a typical Irish dinner followed by beer during a stroll through the legendary pubs of Temple Bar, brightened by groups of traditional musicians and Irish Dancers.

Fiordineve KatatetoriOn Saturday, the Course officially began, in a new Sports Centre “F2”. Present at the Course were members of different Irish Aikido groups, from various parts of the Celtic Isle.It was originally planned to have collective training followed by some extra training specifically tailored to meet the needs of Aikido teachers and more advanced students. Sensei Cozzi showed introductory teaching of how to execute falling/rolling techniques, aimed mostly at beginning students, but also advising on how best to teach these skills. He also taught bokken and jo exercises to the group of teachers and senior students, so that they could pass on what they learned to the others, later.At the end of the Course, Mrs. Kelty presented Cozzi Sensei with a small gift from the children of her dojo, as well as a bokken and jo skilfully hand-made by Brian Donohoe, Aikido teacher from Tipperary, in each of which he had engraved Fiordineve Sensei‘s name, in Japanese characters.

During the evening Fiona Kelty and her group of students organized a surprise party for the occasion of Peppe Boemia’s birthday, who was visibly moved. The Italian group left Ireland on Monday afternoon, after a final stroll around the city. In the month of January Fiona Kelty will visit Lauria for a few days to participate in the Aikido classes at Cozzi Sensei‘s home dojo, and in later months various groups of Irish teachers and students will go to an Aikido seminar to be arranged at Lauria, and will take the opportunity to visit and appreciate the beauty of the Basilicata region, while they are here.

Fiordineve November 2009 Group Shot