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Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 5th Dan Aikikai Athboy March 2010 Italian Newpaper Article


Course Report by Fiordineve Cozzi


Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei gave his second Course in Ireland this academic year, in March. The Course was held in the town of Athboy, a few kilometres from Dublin. The first class was for a group of more than 30 children, members of the Athboy Aikido School, where the teacher is Trevor Pigott Sensei, 3rd Dan. The children were so enthusiastic about Fiordineve Sensei’s teaching methods that when asked to give the class marks out of ten, they replied “A hundred!!!”

The reason Cozzi Sensei was asked to give a class for children was because of his reputation as an excellent teacher of Aikido to children. He also provides Teacher Training in how to teach Aikido to children, for all of Italy.

Following the Children’s Class were classes for Adults. The Course was attended by students and teachers from the nearby city of Dublin, as well as from other parts of the Celtic Isle. The free time was spent on excursions and guided tours, one of which was to Trim Castle, the biggest well-preserved Norman castle in Europe. It is also famous because it was used as one of the the film sets of “Braveheart,” starring Mel Gibson.

Fiordineve Sensei also visited Trinity College in Dublin, (which contains the most important library in Ireland), and a Natural History museum. Photographs from his visit to Ireland can be admired on the website of the Aikido School of Lauria, www.aikidoweb.it or on the Irish website, www.aikikaiireland.ie

Obviously all his evenings were spent in the company of the Irish in their local pubs. Maybe not everyone knows that the Pub (Public House) is an important part of social life for the Irish, in fact people of all ages can be found there, from youngsters to elderly people. Sometimes music is played, but traditionally this is not done as a public exhibition. It depends on whether musicians feel like coming along and playing together. They face each other in a circle, rather than facing the public, and are not usually paid to perform. The pub owner or other people just provide them with free drink. It’s a sign of top quality musicians when people who have never rehearsed together can nonetheless sit and play music together for the first time, and make it sound as if they are a united group.

It’s not unusual, either, to see young people getting up to dance during the evening. Every evening ends with the singing of the National Anthem, with everyone standing to attention, hands behind their backs.

The favourite drink is naturally Guinness, the most famous dark beer in the world. Sometimes young people drink cider, but really only because it’s cheaper! Exceptional musicians among the Aikidoists are Trevor Sensei, a very able guitarist, and Barry Sensei, a teacher of Aikido in Dublin, who specialises in playing the “concertina,” a sort of accordion.

Both of them will come to visit Lauria, along with a group of about 10 Irish people, for the Course in May which will be given by F.Cozzi Sensei and U.Chiossi Sensei (a teacher from the city of Ferrara, of Bologne and Rovigo.) This will be an important social occasion shared between "Lucano - Emiliano – Irish".

Less than a month before Cozzi Sensei's March Course in Ireland, Mrs. Fiona Kelty, an Akido teacher in Dublin, was a guest at the Aikido Schools of Lauria and Scalea - her third visit in 2 years. She said ":The Aikido School in Lauria is really the most beautiful that I have ever seen, and the Aikido of Cozzi Sensei is of an extremely high standard. Lauria is a beautiful place, and the people are wonderfully kind, considerate and hospitable. The mountains are nearby, and the sea, which is of an intense blue colour. The food, the pasta, ravioli, wine - and especially the Limoncello!!!  - everything is absolutely wonderful. See you in May!"
Fiordineve Cozzi

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