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Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei 5th Dan Aikikai 12th, 13th and 14th March 2010 Course Report


Course Report by Eamon Coyne

March 12th through to 14th Athboy played host to Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei. The course was enjoyable as always with Cozzi Sensei covering a multitude over the weekend.

The Friday night class started with over 30 children from the Athboy dojos childrens class being put through thier paces, doing various techniques and ukemi drills. The kids all gave thier sign of approval by marking the class 100 out of 10. After the kids it was the adults turn Fiordineve Sensei began with techniques from Katetori with an initial Kaiten movement and then working on your partners elbow to break Ukes balance.

Fiordineve Kids Class


On the Friday night everyone socialised in the local pub in Athboy with Trevor and his musical friends supplying the entertainment on the night into the early hours.

Pub Music

The Saturday session began with a vast array of Ukemi drills which were done literally from the ground up, with a range of drills for Mae Ukemi, Yoko Ukemi, Ushiro Ukemi, Gyaku Ukemi and Fiordineve Sensei's very own "Matrix" style ukemi. All the students present were impressed with Fiordineve Sensei's fluid and graceful ukemi. After being put through our flexible paces next up was a continuation again of techniques from Katetori with the Kaiten movement, in addition to the empty hand versions of the techniques Fiordineve also demonstrated the exact same movements with the Jo and Bokken. Participants also were shown a nice exercise with the Bokken using Irimi Tenkan Tenshin Tai-Sabaki.

On the Saturday afternoon Trevor, Fiona, Willie, Tony and Fiordineve all headed to Trim castle doing a bit of local sight seeing which was thouroughly enjoyed by all. That night again was spent in the local for more food,music and fun.

Trim Castle Visit

The Sunday class was spent with Fiordineve Sensei comprhensively covering Tada Sensei's 33 Jo Count Kata firstly solo and then in paired practice. Everyone that attended the course kids and adults alike fully enjoyed the time on and off the mats. Thank you again for a great course Fiordineve Sensei.


Action from the course


Fiordineve March 2010 Group