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Article in Italian Newspaper "Eco di Basilicata"
reports on Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei's visit to Dublin June 2012


9th Experience of Aikido in Ireland for Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei, 5th Dan.

Article ScanIn the first weekend of June, Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei gave his 9th Course in Ireland, in the city of Dublin. Almost all of the teachers of the Irish association, “Aikikai Ireland” visited Lauria last April, to participate in a Course which Cozzi Sensei held for them; a seminar which brought about new closeness between the Irish friends and Italian friends who have been following Fiordineve Sensei for years.

The Course this time was held in Dublin in the venue where Fiona Kelty Sensei teaches, and who organised it with the valuable cooperation of the Irish association.

Cozzi Sensei's Course was principally aimed at the teachers, and the programme was the study of weapons techniques, with the Jo (a staff of 128 cm) and the Bokken (Sword), specializations which are required for the advanced study of Aikido. The participants were numerous and all were very enthusiastic, among them some teachers from other Irish Aikido associations who did not already know Cozzi Sensei.

The free time was spent visiting the beautiful city of Dublin, from the mythical wooden pubs of Temple Bar with their live music, to excursions to the parks of the city. In one park, herds of deer can be seen grazing in absolute freedom. In another beautiful park, near the mouth of the river among majestic old trees, a wonderful rose garden with many different varieties of roses can be found immersed in green hedges, an Irish labyrinth.

There was also a visit to the sea. The incredible wind which blows in strong gusts from the English coast is even stronger than the continuous flow of the waves of the ocean, and it attracts lots of wind-surfers, trying all the time to ride their boards.

Solitary bathers in the bay, on the other hand, continued to swim peacefully, unconcerned by the temperature of the water.

As usual there were also visits to the cathedrals, Christchurch and St. Patrick's, two splendid monuments in Gothic style.

The first Aikido lesson began on Saturday at 2pm, at the Clogher Road Centre in Dublin, after an abundant Irish Breakfast, and continued for 3 hours.

In the evening the Irish and Italian group dined in Temple Bar, entertained by the sound of live traditional Irish musicians and the spectacle of Irish Dancing. This is a unique show of its type, absolutely not to be forgotten if you visit magical Ireland.

On Sunday the Course began again at 11 a.m. and continued until 2 p.m.
At the end the Italian group were thanked for coming, and for their friend Fiordineve there was a gift from Aikikai Ireland – a beautiful charcoal drawing in which he is pictured next to his wife Rosella. This was the nice idea of their friend Fiona's.

The Chairman of the association Eamon Coyne Sensei on behalk of Aikikai Ireland then invited Cozzi Sensei to give a new Course next year, in the very heart of green Ireland, in Sligo town, which is in the North West on the Atlantic coast, where Eamon lives and teaches. He also hopes that in the next academic year the Irish group will again visit Lauria for a new Course, close to the summer season.

About Lauria, the Irish have said: “Beautiful!” “Lauria ...wonderful!” “The magnificent location of the Aikido school, the sea, the sun, the mountains, the food and the wine, but most of all the hospitality of all the Italians.”

Remainder of the current year and the programme for the new year.

The next appointment this year will be held in Lauria from the 10th to 12th of August, which is to satisfy the request of all of those students from Padova to Naples who, during the academic year, have made formal requests to Fiordineve Sensei to organise a Course which will combine a great holiday with Aikido lessons.

There were 4 Courses held this year in Lauria, shared by Fiordineve Sensei with Sensei Fabrizio Ruta 5th Dan from Bari, in June; with Sensei Ubaldo Chiossi 6th Dan from Ferrara in May; with Sensei Paolo Bottoni 5th Dan from Brussels, and the International Course with the group of Irish teachers in April.

During the rest of the year Cozzi Sensei was invited to give one Course in each of the towns of Cava de Tirreni (Sa), Ferrara, Lecce, Bari, Padova and Dublin, and to conduct two Courses in each of the cities of Rome, Naples and Avellino.

As the only teacher of the practical part of the training of children's Aikido teachers, for Aikikai Italia, he has conducted two Courses for these teachers, in Rome and in Bologna.

He has participated in the Courses given by the Technical Directors, one of which was held in April, to coincide with the National Assembly. He was also at the National Courses of Tada Hiroshi Sensei, 9th Dan, in Rome, at Easter and in November. He will also be at La Spezia first and then at Laces (BZ), next July for the Summer International Courses. At Christmas in Milan he participated in the Course of the late Fujimoto Sensei 8th Dan, sadly departed in February.

Students from his schools in Lauria and Scalea also attended Courses by Asai K. Sensei, 8th dan, Technical Director for Germany, and Hayato Osawa Sensei, 7th Dan, of Tokyo.

Among the promotional events offered to the public by the Lauria school was an Aikido Demonstration held on 16th June in the People's Square. There were demonstrations by the children from 6 to 8 years old, followed by older children, from 9 to 13 years old, and finally a group of adults, finishing with a personal performance by Fiordineve Sensei.

We have asked the teacher what he hopes to have in the programme of events for next year, and he told us that in addition to the usual Courses in Italian schools, he is planning a new Course in Ireland in the town of Sligo in June. The international activity will begin in December, though, with a Course to be held in Lauria with the Swiss Association, followed by a Course first in Basel and then in the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Another Course yet to be confirmed is intercontinental, with the United States of America. Representatives from two American schools might be so kind as to visit Lauria with their Japanese teachers, followed by the first trip of the Italian group to North Virginia, a few kilometres from Washington.

A heartfelt thanks to Fiordineve Sensei, for his many efforts over more than 20 years, which over time is bringing prestige not only to the Lucano Aikido School, but also making our area known both in Italy and abroad.