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Article in Italian Newspaper "Eco di Basilicata"
announcing the impending visit of the Aikikai Ireland gang to Lauria


Lauria will be host to the Irish delegation Aikikai Ireland to complete a new workshop of the 5th Dan Fiordineve Cozzi Sensei

More and more the closer the relationship between Ireland and Basilicata

After many courses conducted by Maestro Fiordineve Cozzi in recent years in Ireland, to complete the delegation of the "Aikikai Ireland" will converge for an international internship in Lauria on days 14 and 15 April next.
Guests will already be Thursday, April 12 Master Trevor Pigott 3rd Dan instructor of "Athboy Aikido School" to follow with a large group of black belts from his school, from the town of Athboy a few miles from Dublin.
The President of "Aikikai Ireland" Master EAMON Coyne 3rd Dan, head of "Aikido Club Sligo", from the town of Sligo is located in the Northwest Atlantic coast.

The teacher TONY MC HUGH 2 Dan, head of "Cavan Aikido Dojo" of Cavan town a few miles from Dublin. The teacher DECLAN BRAY 2 nd Dan in charge of "Sligo IT Dojo" a second Aikido school in the town of Sligo. The teacher Fiona Kelty 1, Dan, head of the "Heron Aikido Dojo" in Dublin, with some of his students in tow. Mrs. Kelty has been a welcome guest in Lauria in recent years, and his last visit dates back to last October and for the occasion our staff has interviewed. Also present will be Mrs. SCHAFER VALLEYS 2 nd Dan's assistant "Aikido Club Sligo" of Sligo, the teacher NORBERT TOTH 1st Dan in charge of the "Tallaght dojo" in Dublin, and the teachers EDDIE MURRAY 1st Dan and BARRY MCGEE 1st ° Dan responsible for the '"Phoenix Aikido dojo" in Dublin. For many teachers will join students of course, careful not to miss the opportunity to attend an internship in Italy with Maestro Cozzi who admire and value for years. The Irish group also wants to see a long practice and especially in the beautiful location of the school of Aikido Lauria, and enjoy the hospitality that is so Lauria people have heard about the teacher
Cozzi, and the Irish guys who over the years have come and gone.

Drivers were the tranquility of our area, great food, and traditions, immersed in a magical landscape. The Irish delegation aikidoista will remain until Monday, April 15 and will have the opportunity to meet other groups from different regions of aikidoisti following the m ° Cozzi years. They will also have the opportunity to review all those practitioners in the years that have followed the master in Ireland for his seminars. Do not miss a meeting with the mayor and the city authorities during the seminar, under the watchful eye and careful preparation of our busy with interviews. But this is not the only data sharing with the Irish group, in fact, Maestro Fiordineve Cozzi will also this year a new seminary in Ireland. Will be hosted from 7 to 'June 11 in Dublin city, with a' Heron Dojo Mrs Fiona Kelty. Last year they followed the Maestro Cozzi in Ireland, about twenty students and teachers distributed by the Italian Veneto to Calabria, for this year is expected even larger group, ready to not miss the chance to combine a short holiday and good practice of aikido in the enchanted island Celtic. We asked the Master Cozzi some advance for the future, and told us that the relationship with the Irish school has produced important new interactions with influential teachers with whom they share next year seminars and meetings in various cities in Europe including the beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic, Basel, Switzerland. With other groups but is setting a stage in Paris for France, and an internship in the enchanted island of Crete in the Aegean. Of course Lauria host these new bands from various parts of Europe in his time. A wish from our editorial Cozzi to the master for his commitment and determination to consistently have achieved such important awards in the international arena, and to ensure that our town is also popular in Europe.

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